Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Star 1: Through the Poison Swamp
Right at the beginning you'll land on a grassy platform. Don't even think about jumping in the swamp, as it'll immediately kill you. Jump over to the area closest to you to be safe. Head over to the very back of this level where you'll see a rectangular, white and blue structure. Go over to it and Phil Board will explain how to use the bubbles.

Here's what you do in the bubble is point using the Wii Remote and blow by pressing the A button. If you want the bubble to go left, then point the Wii remote on the right side of the bubble and blow. See, it's easy! So, go left and then up. Don't worry about hitting walls, as it won't pop the bubble.

Dodge the mines, however, as they'll kill you. Grab the star chip right at the bottom of the fan, then go through the fan and it'll blow you to the right. Go through the ? coin if you want some regular coins, but if not just continue on. After going up, go through the second star chip. Now go farther up and grab the third star chip, while of course dodging the mines. Go up into the fans and grab the fourth star chip. Now continue left and you'll see the last star chip past the mine. Go through the middle of the rocks here and get the last one.

Now, you'll sadly have to go back a little. Now, go through the rocks again and head in between the star launcher. This is a check point, by the way. While flying through the air, grab tons of star bits.

When you land on this next platform, go through the bubble. Go northeast, and go through the coins if you wish. Go into the gap in the wooden, rotating structure, and be sure not to get squished between two platforms, as it'll burst your bubble. The ? coin here will cause more star bits to be created, so get them. The second ? coin will make more coins to appear.

Head through the coins and dodge the mines. Head past the other wooden, rotating fences and continue fourth. Head right and you'll come across a green platform. Get out of your bubble and the sign will explain that the south route is easier than the east route. If you ground pound the button to the right, the fence will lower. The lower path is easiest and the fastest. Either way, you'll come across multiple mines, so just keep going until you get to the sandy area and get the star.

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