Beach Bowl Galaxy
Star 1: Sunken Treasure
This level is one of the more easier ones. It's a swimming one, so right away jump into the ocean. You'll notice that the friendly penguins are searching for star chips in the water. They're found in various places, and reminds me of some of the under-water missions found in Super Mario 64.

The first star chip can be found in the ocean near where the large Penguin coach is inside of a bubble. The next is to the left of where you found this one. Next, break open one of the boxes found near the first star, and it'll be there. The large clam has one inside of its mouth, so wait for it opens until you get it. The last is on the farthest side of the ocean where the large eel is. Collect the star chip quickly and go through the recently created launch star.

You'll soar to the top of this planet here. Go to the end and ground pound the switch. Perform a back flip and then spin to get on top of the recently created dock. Perform another ground pound on the other switch, which will cause two walls to jut out of the ground. Wall jump up it and destroy the crystal to get the star inside.

Star 2: Passing the Swim Test
This is another easy one. Basically, the kid penguins are in the ocean attempting to get the golden shell. Who ever brings the golden shell to the coach gets the gold medal, or rather the power star. If you jump in the ocean, you'll quickly find a penguin with the golden shell who is swimming around the ocean, with a few others trailing him, wanting to get the golden shell for themselves.

Make Mario approach the penguin, then spin attack. Mario will quickly steal the shell. Now, head back up to the penguin coach, who'll in turn give you a star.

Star 3: The Secret Undersea Cavern
This one's harder than the other two, though not by a whole lot. Right at the beginning, go in the ocean and find a Koopa Troopa shell. Go over to where the crack is, and launch the shell to break it. Now, go through the tunnel and, once you're at the end of it, go over to the box and break it. This will reveal an opening in the fence, so go through it. Ground pound the tree stump then go through the launch star. You'll soar far up in the air and will land on the Cyclone Stone, the primary area in this mission.

Alright, enemies that are found on this level are Thwomps and Tox Boxes . The latter is what we mainly have to worry about. Pass by the first Thwomp and stand on the raised platform. You'll see the first Tox Box coming down, and you'll probably note an opening. If anything other than that opening goes on top of you, then you'll die, so pay close attention to where it lands, as it'll land in that same spot every time.

Go past the Tox Box when you can and you'll eventually come across a wood triangle which you should jump on. Now you'll have to cross this area so that you can make it to the other side, which you can do by crossing the moving platforms here. Make sure the Tox Box is far away from you then keep on progressing. After going past some more Tox Boxes and a Thwomp, you'll finally come across the crystal with the star inside. Break it and get the star inside.

Star 4 (Fast-Foe comet): Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
This is the same mission as star 3, though this time all of the enemies go two times faster. Luckily you won't have to break through the cave to get here, but rather it'll just start at the beginning of the Cyclone Stone portion. I died a few times here, mainly because you have to be quick on your feet, and the hectic music doesn't help much (in fact, I oddly died on the water portion a couple times, while the enemies only killed me once). Just follow the instructions above (in star 3) and you should be able to do it perfectly!
Star 5 (Purple comet): Beachcombing for Purple Coins
This is another time consuming purple coin challenge. Like always, you'll have to find 100 more purple coins. It doesn't seem too hard, and really it isn't, but some of the parts are just annoying. But that's what guides are for, right? Anyway, let's get started (oh boy...).

At the beginning, head left all the way and get the Purple coin that is next to the fence. Go on top of the rock ledge and grab the spring suit to turn Mario into spring Mario. Go under the waterfall (but don't touch the water!) and you'll see a shadow of a coin, that's where you have to super jump. Once you've gotten that, super jump up to the ledge up here and get the first seven out in the open and the three on top of the large rock (two of which are far in the air). Make sure you don't fall down off the ledge, because while in spring mode, it's hard to control. Now continue left onto the small ledge to get two more (14/100).

Go farther up and collect the two out in the open, then jump even farther to get yet two more (18/100). Now see the palm tree up here? Well, jump up there and get the three purple coins that are up there. Now, head forward (not backwards) and down all the way onto the next batch of palm trees. In all there are six scattered on these four, so get them all (27/100).

Now that you've done all of the spring coins, just go into the main ocean and then onto the dock here. Collect the coins on this set path, then jump on the vine to the left to get the large amount of coins by spinning around. Note there are two levels here, so be sure to get them all. After that, go back onto the rock ledge and collect the rest of the coins here. There are some more in the little pond right here, though to get them you'll have to swim underwater. Also, there's one on the dock right here as well, so don't forget that.

After this, go back on the ledge and go to the right and jump off. There are a few coins here, so make sure you get them all. Now go onto the palm tree here and then long jump onto the swing. Grab all six coins here, then launch yourself off so that you'll land onto the spire with the coin on it.

Collect the remaining coins on the dock, and don't forget that one of the coins is above the coach penguin, simply back flip on top of his head then jump again to get the coin up there.

Now just go and get the five purple coins in the ocean. To make things easier, there's a Koopa shell right behind you when you start the stage up, so get it if you wish. They're all out in the open, though youll have to search the entire area to find them all. Yes, you only have five...

Now go back to where the coach penguin was and get the star.

Star 6 (Secret Star): Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls
This is a cool level because you're, as the name implies, able to wall jump up waterfalls thanks to the Ice Flower. This mission can be accessed in the third star of this place. Right at the beginning, go underwater and find a Koopa Troopa shell. Now, go straight forward over to where the Eel is. Go above ground now and go to the right of the large waterfall (far right). You'll probably see a chest by now. Launch a shell at the chest and a launch star will appear. Go through it!

You'll be shot into the air and will land on a planetoid. The first thing you probably notice are the copious amount of waterfalls, most of which are in a pair. Search for the Cataquack, the large creature resembling the nozzle of FLUDD, and direct him over to the ? coin that is suspended in the air. Stand right under its shadow, and the creature will eventually launch you up to the coin. After this, an Ice Flower will appear, so go over and get it.

Now, head over to the waterfalls on the right side and wall jump up the two on the left in this group. Eventually you'll get up to another platform, so quickly go through the sling star. Kill the Piranha Plant which will reveal another Ice Flower; get it and continue up the waterfalls.

Use the sling star and continue wall jumping up the Waterfalls until you get to the very top. Now, first off, this water isn't dangerous, so don't worry about dying in there. There are certain platforms around this level and a few Icebergs (albeit, mini ones) that skid across the top of the water. You'll also notice another Cataquack up here. This part is pretty cool!

Now, what you have to do is get the Ice Flower. As you probably know, when you go over water as Ice Mario, you'll leave a trail of ice behind you, though it'll vanish within a few seconds. What you have to do is lead the Cataquack over this ice trail and over to the star. If one of the icebergs mentioned above hits the ice trail, then it'll vanish, not allowing the Cataquack to progress. Also, if the Cataquack happens to fall into the water, then don't worry - another one will appear near the beginning.

When you get to the small island with the star far up in the air (with the Cataquack as well), make the creature launch you up to it! Congrats!

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