Battlerock Galaxy
Star 1: Battlerock Barrage
Right at the beginning you'll find yourself on a disc like platform in a group of six. Right at the beginning you'll have to find five blue star chips. They're scattered on all of these platforms, so look on top and on the bottom of these discs. The ? coin isn't anything special - it'll make ten golden coins circle the planet, though after awhile they'll vanish, so get them quickly if you want them. The yellow enemies (called Topman) are really harmless - they can't take any health away from you. Just spin to kill them if you want to and collect the star bits that are released.

Once you find all of the blue star chips, two pull stars will appear. Grab onto them and head through the launch star. You'll land on the underside another disk like platform. Head on top and jump on this purple robot twice to get to the platform above. Go on top of this next platform and jump on top of the screw here. Spin to make it go in the platform, which will cause it to move. Canon balls will also start to be discharged from their canons, so be sure to dodge them. Like always, you're allowed to go on the underside of this platform while it's moving, and often times it's required.

Eventually you'll come across a platform which is stationed on the top side. Since it's seemingly in passable, go on the bottom so you can pass it. Now go back on top so you pass the electrical fields, and then back down. If you want to look stylish, you can back flip over these things, so do so if you want. So, continue dodging these fields however you want. If you get the ? coin, a huge row of star bits will appear, so get them if you wish. At one point you'll have to jump over the field, though if you're a good jumper, you can go on the under side, backflip over here, continue to jump and wait until the other platform crosses, but that's of course optional. Dodge the last electrical field and jump onto the platform on the other side.

Make sure you're on the top platform and jump to the other disk. Eventually some Bullet Bills will be released, so guide them over to the star in the first disk. If they run into the other cages, then get the items inside and wait for another to be released. Dodge the Goombas of course and get the star to end this level.

Star 2: Breaking into Battlerock
You'll once again land on the platforms at the beginning, though it looks a little different than before. You'll see Bob-ombs this time around! Grab the Bob-omb and bring them over to the left and make it destroy the cage at the very end. Go through the star launcher and onto the next platform.

On this planetoid you'll see five Chomps roaming around. It's a small area, so it might be hard to dodge them. You'll land right next to a cage with a trapped Luma. Go over to the green portion of this area and grab the Bob-omb, go back to the red area to and blow up the cage. Ignore the hungry Luma and the other cage, as that's for the secret mission. Anyway, once the cage has been destroyed, the Luma inside will be gracious and will transform into a sling star. It'll launch you upwards and you'll come across launch star, go through it and launch yourself to the next platform.

Here, grab the pull stars and direct yourself so that you get the Life Shroom and/or 1-up Mushroom. Dodge the bombs, as if you touch them they'll blow up and hurt you. Continue left and go through the launch star.

You'll now land on a structure that is connected to the large asteroid. If you're looking for star bits, then ground pound the switch, though it might be hard to get there. It's not really worth it seeing you can get harmed doing so, so just head down the pipe if you're not in the mood for star bits.

Right when you enter the pipe, a short movie will occur which shows a crystal going back and fourth in the middle of this structure. Inside of it is a Luma, so what we want to do is break it free, though it looks like it's impossible. Well, that'd be a false assumption! Right at the beginning, go over and find a walking Bob-omb. Spin attack it so that you'll be able to pick it up, then toss it over to the cage. Once you do so, a cannon will be revealed, which you can enter.

Aim the cannon so that you'll hit the crystal. You'll then launch across the other side of the stage and find yet another cannon trapped in a cage. Destroy it using the same tactic as before and once again aim at the last remaining portion of the crystal. Once you break it, the Luma will transform into a launch star, so go through it and enjoy the scene of Mario breaking through!

You'll now land on a weird looking structure. Get the Bob-omb at the beginning and head to the bottom of this ship. Throw it near the large cage (the one with a cannon) to destroy it. If you want the 1-Up Mushroom, you can place the bomb in between the two cages to make everything a bit quicker. Once the cannon is revealed, go inside. Now you'll see that a few platforms are revolving around the star. Wait until the star is clearly visible, then shoot yourself to it to obtain it!

Star 3: Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
Now instead of six there'll be only three platforms at the beginning. Kill the mole by shooting a star bit at it and then jumping on its head. If you want a bunch of star bits, grab the ? coin. Next, use the pull stars to get to the next platform.

Dodge the electric ball here on the underside and go on the top. Use the sling star to get to the next platform, which will star to move north. Avoid the bombs here and jump onto the next platform. Go through the launch star which will send you to a planet that is half a sphere. If you want the Life Shroom, go onto the raising platform in the northeast (of your position when you land on the planetoid). To save the Luma inside the cage, spin attack the Topman here, but make sure you don't jump on top of its spiky head. Try to spin attack it so that it'll smash into the electric field that is covering the cage. Once you do so, the Luma will transform into a launch star. Go through it.


You'll now land on a wooden dock with three boxes and a Monty Mole. Destroy the box on the platform with the Monty Mole on it and go through the pipe. This is a cool sidescrolling segment! As you'll see, the arrows are pointing upwards and are blue. Spin attack the green arrow which will cause the gravity to go in the opposing direction. Also when this happens, the walls will turn more red, as will the arrows.

Dodge the creature and the fire and continue right. Jump over these raising platforms and you'll eventually come across a rotating circle with an entry way in the middle. When that entry way is exposed, go through it. The ? coin inside will cause a bunch of star bits to appear, so get them if you wish. Spin attack the green arrow to once again change the gravity. Watch out for the enemy up here, and wait for the platform to go back down so that you won't be pushed into the adverse area.

Now you'll see some larger platforms pushing down. You're able to long jump across them really quickly if you want, though if you're afraid to do so just wait in the little slots. Once you're across go upwards then continue right. Now the structures with red and white lines mean they'll kill you if you get caught under them, so quickly go across. Jump on the purple robot twice again, which will launch you into the opposing gravity area. Go into the pipe.

Once again you'll see another purple robot, though this time he'll be shooting red lasers (like he did in the Flipswitch Galaxy). Jump over these lasers and jump on him twice. Go through the sling star and you'll land on a platform that acts as an elevator. When in the next area, kill the Topman enemies as you did before by spinning. Once they're both killed, you can go through the door. Head downwards and through the launch star.

You'll now land on the underside of the boss's level. Go up and jump over the lasers. If you need a Life Shroom or a 1-up Mushroom, then pay the Luma 30 star bits to get one. Go on top of this planet, and the battle against the boss will start.

It's one of the easier bosses in the game, so don't worry. Right away, the boss will send out a few of those yellow Topmen, which again can't harm you. They can, however, make you run into the lasers, so make sure you don't do that! Jump on top of the bosses' head, which will cause his spikes to go inside of him. Now this allows you to spin attack him into the lasers. Do this three times to kill him and get the star!

Star 4 (Daredevil comet): Topmaniac's Daredevil Run
This is, in my opinion, one of the easier daredevil runs. As in all daredevil runs, you have only one bit of health, and if you get attacked just once, you'll lose. You'll land on the actual boss planet, so thankfully you won't have to go through the whole level again. Just follow the boss instructions in the mission directly above this one, and you'll be fine. Note - don't go into the electric fence, don't touch the bosses' spikes, and don't jump on the more powerful Topmen's head, as they have spikes.
Star 5 (Purple comet): Purple Coins on the Battlerock
People always claim that this level is hard, though I personally don't think so. Basically you have to go on one of those moving platforms and collect all 100 purple coins. If you miss one, then you're doomed, though unlike the Dreadnaught challenge, this isn't too hard.

Right at the beginning, you'll have to collect the first several purple coins. The purple coins aren't too scattered, though you'll be required to go under the platform and above it and even on the sides to get some of the purple coins. The worst part of this level is the fact that some will be above the electrical fields. Here, you'll have to perform a backflip so that you collect them all. Once you get all 100, go and get your star.

If you happen to miss some, talk to the robot at the end of the level who'll tell you that you missed some. For some reason you'll die and lose a life, requiring you to start over.

Star 6 (Secret Star): Battlerock's Garbage Dump
This is the hardest level in the Battlerock Galaxy, even if it doesn't seem so. You'll probably scream on this level (just wait until the Dreadnaught Galaxy!). Choose the second star, then try and collect thirty star bits to feed the Hungry Luma on the planet with the Chomps. If you use the Bob-ombs at the beginning, you can get some easy star bits by blowing up the cages with some in there. On the chomp planet, you can get tons of star bits by blowing up the cage with the Rainbow Star. While invincible, you can plow through the Chomps to get tons of Star Bits.

Once you get the required amount, feed the Luma. Launch to the planet and go on top of it. Talk to the robot here and he'll tell you that he needs to quickly get rid of his trash in thirty seconds.

Now, before you start, take note of the yellow dots on the ground. That's where you need to throw the Bob-ombs in order to complete the mission. There's probably another way to do so, though this is the easiest way! Because Bob-ombs take 10 seconds to explode, it'll be very hard to toss them all on the correct locations and make them blow up before the time runs out. If you can get some of them rather close to each other, then a chain reaction will form which will cause one Bob-omb to blow up thanks to the fire that was exposed. Understand this will probably take multiple tries! Thankfully, however, if you lose, you won't die, but rather you just have to ask the robot to try again. Once you do it in the set time, you'll get a star.

Star 7 (Green star): Luigi Under the Saucer
This mission can only be done once you get a letter from Luigi through the Mailtoad. Wait until you get the one that says he's at Battlerock! Now, go there and choose the first star. Use the strategy that is found in the first star and go to the very end. Use the Bullet Bills and direct them under the first saucer and free Luigi. It's one of the three green stars, so that's a definite plus!