Welcome to the Super Mario Galaxy strategy guide for Nintendopedia! Unlike the other guides that I've started here, I'm planning on finishing this one completely! And the best part about it - You can help! Yes, being a Wiki based site, anyone can edit this guide if they wish and include secrets that I may have missed, which knowing myself is very likely.... *cricket*cricket*.Anyway, let's get to the basics!


Jumping is unarguably one of Mario's most famed maneuvers. Each game offers more ways to jump than before, and this game is no exception. To simply jump, all you need to do is press the A button. You're allowed to change the direction you go by moving the control stick in the desired direction, and doing so will be critical in order for you to progress through the game.

Jumping is used on multiple different occasions. It's generally the main way to ultimately rid of your opponents, where all you have to do is jump on their heads. You'll often time see switches that can be activated by stomping on them, and frankly, the only way to get to higher places or to cross daring and provocative gaps that otherwise would be inconceivable is to jump.

As formerly mentioned, the 3-D video games offer plenty of different ways to jump. One notable way is to double and triple jump. The double jump can be executed after jumping once, and then subsequently jumping again immediately after. To execute the triple jump, you must press the jump button right after performing the double jump. Sadly, no fourth jump has been create as of yet!

Next, let's take a look at the backflip, an elegant move that's name is bluntly what it implies. For those who have yet to learn about crouching in the game, you're able to do so by pressing the Z button. Well, if you happen to press the jump button (A) while squatting, you'll perform this move, which will send you flying high in the air.

The wall jump is one of my personal favorites in the series. To do this, head over to a wall. It's suggested that another wall lay parallel to the one you'll start off on, seeing that you'll then be able to exceed to greater heights than before. So, again, head over to a wall, jump onto it, and at the right moment, press the A button a gain to jump off of it and to hit the other wall. Right when you hit the contrary wall, do so again. You'll be able to do this wonderful performance until you reach the very top.

The long jump is also a fun move. It'll not only launch you a far distance, though it'll also cause Mario to go faster when consecutively performing the long jump, which will greatly increase your chances of being the victor in races or in timed challenges.

The ground pound is more of an attack than a way to traverse the many different galaxies you'll go to, though is nevertheless an attack that can only be finalized after jumping. To do this, you'll just jump in the air and then press the z button, which will cause Mario to dramatically pound the ground, or any potential enemies that may be in his way!

Walking and Running

For people who've never played a 3-D Mario platformer, but are fans of the NES and SNES (and DS!) Mario games, then you should certainly take a look here, because things are dramatically different.

First of all, you're no longer able to run via pressing the B button, and that's how it's been since Super Mario 64. However, it works like a charm, so no worries. Still, don't think that he's not capable of running, because that's far from the case. In fact, it appears that he can now move at many different speeds than before.

To run, or at least move faster, all you have to do is push a little more on the control stick. The harder you push, the faster he goes, though if you want to make him move slowly, then just slightly move the stick. See? Pretty easy!


One new attack or maneuver in Galaxy is the spin. To spin, all you need to do is quickly shake the Wii remote. Spinning is crucial if you want to soar through space and travel to new worlds. First, go under a launch star. Next, spin directly under it (sometimes if it's high up, you'll have to jump first). Finally, you'll be launched to the next planet. Ooooh, that's fun!

You're also able to knock out enemies and break certain objects by doing this as well, so take note, kay?

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