Ambassadors of Funk f/ M.C. Mario - Super Mario Compact Disco is a soundtrack released by Nintendo and Alfa Records. It featured various remakes of Mario songs with characters from the Mario series rapping along with the tunes. There are six Radio Compact Discos in the CD that feature commentary by Mario (with a British accent).

Originally a Japan-exclusive release, the album was eventually given a commercial US release via iTunes and digital download on March 3, 2009.[1] It was later released as a manufacture-on-demand CD, sold exclusively on, on February 2, 2011.[2]


"Yo, check this out. You're in tune with Radio Compact Disco. Twenty-four hours a day, brand-new, I'm pumpin' out super-dope sounds in the Mushroom World. To tune in, just put the CD in, and press play. I'm M.C. Mario, super-fine with a jump and a spin." - M.C. Mario

"Well, there you go. Super Mario Land, there's no place like it. You can call me anytime you got problems. You're in check with Radio Compact Disco, 24 hours a day, and it don't stop there. Super Mario Land's a big place. Comin' up next, from Koopa the bad boy brother 31: Go, Mario, Go." - M.C. Mario

"Here's today's special guest on Radio Compact Disco. He's a popular guy, a V.I.P. dinosaur, and he eats apples. Yo, it's Yoshi." - M.C. Mario

"Well alright, and Super Mario World's the biggest place. At least I rescued Daisy. Me and the Princess go way back to the first time I turned on the charm. And if you don't believe me, why don't you ask her yourself?" - M.C. Mario

"And she is definitely my number-one girl (referring to Daisy). Twenty-four hours a day, this is Radio Compact Disco, in the Mushroom World, and I'm M.C. Mario on the drive-time show." - M.C. Mario

"You're in tune with M.C. Mario and it's gettin' late. And now you know more about my life than I do. I'm like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde; Mario and Wario. And that guy first appeared when I had to go get those six golden coins." - M.C. Mario


# Title Origins Length
1Opening CreditsOriginal00:50
2Super Mario Bros. ThemeOriginal05:09
3Radio Compact Disco 1Original00:29
4Super Mario LandOriginal05:14
5Radio Compact Disco 2Original00:23
6Go, Mario, Go!Original04:57
7King of the KoopasOriginal03:58
8Radio Compact Disco 3Original00:32
9Mario & YoshiOriginal04:09
10Invincible MarioOriginal01:04
11Super Mario WorldOriginal04:34
12Radio Compact Disco 4Original00:14
13Save Me (With Your Charm)Original05:07
14Radio Compact Disco 5Original00:12
15Super Mario KartOriginal05:10
16Super Mario USAOriginal05:00
17Radio Compact Disco 6Original00:14
18Six Golden CoinsOriginal05:01
19Radio Compact Disco 7Original00:16
20Mario Theme (Reprise)Original00:46


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