Super Mario Bros. 3 (Japanese: スーパーマリオブラザーズ3, Sūpā Mario Burazāzu Surī, sometimes referred to as Mario 3, SMB3, or Super Mario 3) is the third game in the Super Mario series. It was released in 1989, and was developed and published by Nintendo. It was the official Masterpiece game and is the second best selling video game, right after Super Mario Bros. and also the second most popular NES game also after Super Mario Bros. It is a return to traditions after the very different Super Mario Bros. 2. It was the first game in the series to give Mario the ability to fly. It is one of the most popular games on the Wii's Virtual Console. It is available for 500 Wii points.

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Bowser is back and he's sent out his seven children to take over seven kingdoms of the Mushroom World. The kings of each kingdom are then transformed into helpless animals. Each Koopaling has stolen a magic wand from a king, and now wield them to destroy Mario and Luigi. Peach is safe and sound in the Mushroom Kingdom, and she wishes Mario and Luigi luck as they go off to save the day.

Each world is littered with enemy outposts, Hammer Brothers, Fortresses and various traps. The duo travels through a grassy land, a desert, an island archipelago, an island of giants, a realm in the clouds, a frozen wasteland, and a maze of pipes. Mario, upon freeing the seventh king, discovers that Bowser and his army have kidnapped Princess Toadstool and retreated to Bowser's underworld hideout. Mario and Luigi encounter tanks, warships and airships and hordes of baddies before reaching the Castle of Koopa.

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The two playable characters, Mario and Luigi, are almost identical other than the change in color palates.

  • Mario - The main hero of the game.
  • Luigi - Mario's slightly younger, but taller, brother.


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  • Peach (Toadstool) - The princess who gets kidnapped by the evil Bowser.
  • Bowser - The Koopa King who kidnaps Peach and tries to defeat Mario and Luigi. At the end of the game, Mario and Luigi will defeat the Koopa army and send Bowser through an endless pit, where the two will then save Peach.

The Kings

The following is a list of the King's transformations that they take over once a Koopa Kid curses him.

King of:Original Version:All Stars/SMB3 Advance:
Grass Land Dog Cobrat
Desert Hill Spider Hoopster
Ocean Side Spike Dino Rhino
Big Island Dinosaur Donkey Kong Jr.
The Sky Albatoss Albatoss
Iced land Seal Monty Mole
Pipe Maze Piranha Plant Yoshi

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Piranha Plants


Koopa Brothers







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In the game, there are a total of eight worlds, and one Warp Zone world. Some of the world's names were changed with the release of various versions and remakes. Also listed, are some nicknames of the these worlds as published in the early days of Nintendo Power.

WorldFirst ReleaseSecond ReleaseAll Stars/SMB3 AdvanceNintendo Power #4Nintendo Power #13
World 1 Grass Land Grass Land Grass Land World of Grasslands Grass Land
World 2 Desert Hill Desert Land Desert Hill The Koopahari Desert Koopahari Desert
World 3 Ocean Side Water Land Sea Side Island World Island World
World 4 Big Island Giant Land Big Island Land of the Giants Land of the Giants
World 5 The Sky Sky Land The Sky Cloud Castle Sky World
World 6 Iced Land Ice Land Iced Land Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland
World 7 Pipe Maze Pipe Land Pipe Maze Tube City Pipe Maze
World 8 Castle of Koopa Dark Land Bowser's Castle Underworld Hideout Castle of Koopa
World 9 Warp Zone Warp Zone Warp Zone Special Place Warp Zone

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  • 1 Up Mushroom - Once you find one of these green mushrooms, you will have one extra life.
  • 10 Coin Block - These blocks have 10 coins inside of them, though they may wear out before you are able to get all 10. Also, you can just have 1 coin blocks
  • Anchor - The anchor will stop an airship from moving around the world you're on in case you fail to defeat the level.
  • Fire Flower - Once your Super Mario, you will be able to find a Fire Flower in some blocks. Once you do find one, you will be able to shoot fire balls from your hand.
  • Frog Suit - Once you have a frog suit on, you will be able to swim much faster than any other type of Mario. You will also be able to jump much higher on land, though it will slow your speed down.
  • Hammer - You will be able to use a hammer on the map to break blocks that are blocking you from other parts of the map.
  • Hammer Suit - Hammer Suits will be able to defeat enemies that can't be defeated any other way such as a Boo and Fire Balls.
  • Invisible Block - These blocks are invisible, and will suddenly appear sometimes just when you jump. They will also sometimes help you get to higher areas as well.
  • Jump Block - Jump Blocks are blocks with music notes on them. Once you jump on one, you will be able to go much higher.
  • Lakitu's Cloud - On the map, you will be able to use Lakitu's Cloud to skip a stage. However, if you die in the next stage, you'll go back to before the skipped stage.
  • Warp Whistle - Once you find one of the three magic whistles, you will be able to go to other worlds.
  • Music Box - Once you use the Music Box, it will put the Hammer Brothers to sleep, making them easy to kill.
  • P Wing - P Wings will allow Mario or Luigi to fly through an enitre stage.
  • Starman - Once you find a rare starman, you will be invincible for a short time, being able to crash and defeat virtully every enemy.
  • Standard Block - Standard blocks are blocks of shiny brown bricks that can be destroyed by super mario and koopa shells. They are common like ? blocks and can contain items too. Any blocks that aren't shiny are blockhoppers, mini-goombas in disguise who try to jump on you.
  • Super Leaf - Once you find a Super Leaf, you will be able to use the Raccoon Suit, which will let you fly if you are running fast enough.
  • Super Mushroom - Once you're regular Mario, you will be able to use a Super Mushroom which will make you bigger and stronger, letting you crash through blocks. You will also have more heath than before.
  • Switch Block - Once you hit a switch block, it will turn all the blocks in the stage into coins.
  • Tanooki Suit - Once you find a Tanooki Suit, you will be able to do what raccoon mario can do, as well as being able to turn into stone for a short time.
  • Vine - Once you find a vine, you will be able to go to higher places in the sky.


Super Mario Bros. 3 was developed by Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan. The programmers used a tool called Character Generator Computer Aided Design, which contains all of the game's graphics that are used in the game. Only ten people were involved in the development of Super Mario Bros. 3. It took two years to create the game.


Remakes of the game include:

Super Mario Bros. 3 was featured in the movies The Wizard and Beethoven.

The show would be adapted in cartoon form for The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3


  • The warp whistle plays the same music as the one in The Legend of Zelda.
  • In an underworld area, there are coins in the shape of 3, representing the 3rd game in the Super Mario Bros. series.
  • In multiplayer, if both players are standing on the START square, if player one presses the A button, both players will enter a randomly-selected minigame. One of the minigames is based on the bonus stage from Mario Bros.
  • In World 3, the island that the castle is on is in the shape of Japan and the castle is the location of Nintendo of Japan.

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