Basic hints


Once you collect all 120 stars, you will be able to go on top of the castle. Once you're up there, you will find Yoshi. If you talk to him, he will give you 100 1-ups, and an improved triple jump.

More challenging penguin

You remember the penguin you had to race in world 3? Well, after getting 120 stars, go back to the penguin and it'll not only be fatter, though it'll also go a lot faster, making it a whole lot harder. There'll also be a new message.

Can you do it?

The following are some fun tricks that are hard to perform in Super Mario 64.

  • Try to jump on top of the sign, then do a backflip. Try to land on the sign after backflipping (without grabbing onto it).
  • This isn't exactly hard, though fun nevertheless. There's a way that you can actually breath with your feet when you're underwater. Just simply swim and position yourself so that your feed are dipped out of the water, and your health meter will go up all the way.
  • Do you like the music that occurs when you grab an item such as the Metal Cap, but don't like the fact that it only lasts for a little bit? Well, if you want to listen to it forever, just grab the item then read a sign.
  • Everyone knows that if you don't move Mario, he'll start to sleep after a bit. Well, do this for along time and he'll start to sleep talk about Italian food.
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