Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts is an SNES hack and slash video game that was released during the console's launch window in all regions. After being released on the SNES, it was re-released on multiple other game consoles, most notably (for Nintendo) the Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console. Challenging gameplay make the game dreadfully (in a positive way) popular among hardcore gamers.



  • A button - Perform your weapon attack
  • B button - Make your character jump
  • Y button - Same as A button
  • Start button - pauses

Note: every other button, which includes the L, R, X and select button, is not used.



The original Japanese version featured crosses throughout the game. These were censored by modifying them into the Ancient Egyptian ankh symbol. The final boss had its name changed from Samael to Sardius. The censorship is most to avoid controversy with Christian community.

Changes in the GBA Version



  • The game was featured regularly on the popular Nickelodeon game show Nick Arcade, but was seldom chosen because a map was shown for several seconds after each death.
  • The game won the award for Best Challenge (Super NES) in the 1991 Nintendo Power Awards.

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