Super Game Boy 2.gif

The Super Game Boy 2 is the successor to the Super Game Boy, and it was released exclusively in Japan on January 30, 1998. It was made as a response to complaints from Japanese Pokémon players who could not trade Pokémon with their friends because they only owned an original Super Game Boy, which lacks a link port.


In terms of features it was very similar to the function of the original Super Game Boy. On the outside, the casing was a much sleeker design, made of transparent blue plastic.

Functionality-wise, a game link port and LED power light were added to the hardware, and the firmware gained 5 new screen border graphics that could be displayed while playing a game. Most notable, however, is the addition of an internal oscillator (clock chip) on board, which means the Super Game Boy 2 can run games at the original 59.7 Hz of the original handheld (as opposed to the original Super Game Boy, which lacked its own oscillator and thus ran games at the frequency of the console it was plugged into)