The Super Game Boy.

The Super Game Boy (JP) is an accessory for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that allows people to play Game Boy games on a television screen through the SNES. Because the SNES is not powerful enough for emulation, the Super Game Boy contains Game Boy hardware. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller is used as the only way of input. It was discontinued in 1994.


When some games are played on the Super Game Boy, the hardware applies enhancements, usually special borders and palettes. Occasionally, the border can be designed by the player. All the games could be played in a variety of color palettes, with the default one being the best suited for the game. The use of a television screen also eliminated the motion blur present in the LCD of Game Boys and Game Boy Colors.

Price Point

When it initially released, the Super Game Boy cost around $50. It has also been reported to have cost $40 and $60. The Super NES Super Game Boy Set cost more as well, though it's unknown how much it cost.


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