Super Castlevania IV (JP) is a platform game developed and published by Konami and the first Castlevania game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as the fourth in the series overall. It was also released on the Wii's Virtual Console on December 25, 2006. It is a retelling of Simon Belmont's foray into Dracula's castle, first told in the original Castlevania. The game has all new levels (several featuring areas outside of the castle), 16-bit graphics featuring SNES Mode 7, and the soundtrack consists mostly of brand new pieces including a handful of remixes of previous Castlevania songs.






  • The game was featured on the cover of Nintendo Power V32.
  • During his reviews of the Castlevania series, internet celebrity The Angry Video Game Nerd commented that this is the best in the series. He does, however, comment that it is called "Super Castlevania IV" when there was no Super Castlevania I-III and that it was just Nintendo's gimmick at the time of adding "Super" to everything released to the SNES.
  • The game was just a remake of first episode of the Castlevania series on Japan.

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