Super Bomberman R is an exclusive launch title for Nintendo Switch that returns to the classic Bomberman gameplay. It supports up to 8 players in a 3D grid-based arena and has a voice-acted story mode.


The main gameplay is like traditional Bomberman. Players start randomly in an arena and have to blow up blocks to get power-ups like fire and speed boosts to defeat opponents. In the battle mode, there is a revenge cart to get back in the game if the player can blow up another player. Multiplayer can be done on a single system, across 8 systems in Local Battle and online.

Story Mode

In addition to the multiplayer, players can complete a story mode. The players navigate designed levels, defeating all the enemies mostly to get to the level exit. Blowing up the blocks can earn power-ups. It can be played in co-op with shared lives.

Playable Characters


  • White Bomber
  • Black Bomber
  • Blue Bomber
  • Red Bomber
  • Yellow Bomber
  • Green Bomber
  • Pink Bomber
  • Aqua Bomber
  • Pretty Bomber
  • Magnet Bomber
  • Golem Bomber
  • Phantom Bomber
  • Karaoke Bomber
  • Plasma Bomber
  • Max




  • Princess Tomato Bomber
  • Ayako Katagiri Bomber
  • Mimi Bomber
  • Nyami Bomber
  • Upa Bomber


  • Option Bomber A
  • Option Bomber B
  • Reiko Bomber
  • Bubble Head Bomber
  • Xavier Woods Bomber


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  • Super Bomberman R is the first new Bomberman game since 2010's Bomberman Live Battlefest for the Xbox 360.
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