Super Bomberman 5 is the fifth game in the Super Bomberman sub-series of Bomberman.



The single-player portion of Super Bomberman 5 is nonlinear, giving players a choice of which level they'd like to complete next. These phases are all based on the four previous Super Bomberman games for the Super Famicom, containing remixed music and the same sprites of the game, and the fifth phase is completely new. Depending on your path, you can accumulate 100% of completion. There are two endings available, depending on where you face the final boss.

After finishing 100%, the game map is reset, which allows player to finish the maps 200%. When completing 200% of the map, a new password is given.


There are nine characters to choose from, and over 10 maps to play on. A create-a-character mode, which is unique to Super Bomberman 5, lets players choose their character and color and allows them a number of points. These points can be used to equip the power-up items from the single-player game. If you enter in password menu (Options → Password) 0413, the maps in battle mode will change. There are also 10 playable characters in Battle Mode, nine of which are bosses in Normal Mode.


An evil Bomber named Emperor Terrorin who has the power of Time itself has freed various criminal Bombers from their prison cells in orbit around Planet Bomber. Setting them up in a warped time and space, Shirobon, Kurobon, and their Louie (Rui) companions must travel through stages and defeat them before going up against Emperor Terrorin himself.