The Super Blooper is a giant Blooper Nanny that resides in Toad Town Tunnels in Paper Mario. It is one of the many Bloopers that Mario comes across in the game, specifically after Chapter 5. Sushie's ability is needed to reach the Blooper. It is the strongest and largest of the three variations of Bloopers in Toad Town Tunnels; the other two Bloopers that are found in Toad Town Tunnels are the Electro Blooper and the regular Blooper.

During battle, the Super Blooper will occasionally glow red and raise its attack power. Unlike the Electro Blooper, when the Super Blooper is charged, the effect remains even when it is damaged. Also during battle, the Super Blooper will spawn two Blooper Babies that attack Mario similarly to Fuzzies or Swoopulas; they latch onto him and drain his health, and he must repeatedly tap the A Button to remove them. When Mario wears a Zap Tap badge, Blooper Babies cannot damage him.

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