Summers (サマーズ) is a city from the SNES game EarthBound. It is separated from Eagleland and the party visits it by Sky Runner or PSI Teleport only, and is near the ocean. Much like Winters, the name indicates hot weather.

Places of interest

West Summers

Summers is a city mostly horizontal, with the ocean at the south. The west includes a hotel, a restaurant, and a shop. Since Summers is a popular city, one can find items being sold at a high price than the same ones in Scaraba.

East Summers

The other part of Summers includes Club Stoic. It is necessary to first call the club to gain access, so not everybody knows the phone number. Inside the club, people sit at tables and talk. Members are used to use difficult and long words, and do activities such as philosophize about a rock in a stage. The wife of the sailor in Port Toto is found here. By the end of the game, Club Stoic closes. The Summers Cultural Museum is located here as well. This museum is particularly important as it has an old tablet with numbers displayed. Later, it is known the numbers represent an order to open an old pyramid in Scaraba. Finally, a hospital lies at the east.

Port Toto

Port Toto is found at the east of Summers. While there are many sailors there, most are afraid of the Kraken. The only sailor able to sail with the party to Scaraba first wants his wife to get out of the Stoic Club and continue with the Magic Cake business she used to have.

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