Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park e Youkoso is a party game released for the Nintendo Switch based on the Sumikko Gurashi series.


The game works a bit like the more recent Mario Party games. Everyone travels the board together, but the player leading earns or loses Coins for the landing space. The game features at least 4 boards based on various theme park areas. All the minigames are also based on amusement park attractions.

Coins earned from the boards can be used to decorate the player's room and give costumes to the characters. The players can take snapshots of the characters in this mode

There is a mode where players can answer yes or no questions about the Sumikko Gurashi series or each other.



  • The subtitle is a reference to popular anime Kemono Friends' opening song; Youkoso Japari Park e.
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