Suikoden: Tierkreis (JP) is a Japanese-style role-playing game released for the Nintendo DS console in 2009, produced by Konami. It is a spin-off of the canon Suikoden series that have been established on rival consoles, and despite sharing similar RPG principles and elements, it is canonically not part of the series' chronological timeline.


Although declared a spin-off, the game largely maintains the series' traditional RPG principles of exploring 3D environments and dungeons, and fighting beasts scattered throughout. The battles are formed upon the usual turn-based approach, consisting of the allies preparing each of their battle moves before striking at their foe, one-by-one.

The game's storyline and themes are supposedly inspired by an ancient Chinese novel,and in it are a total of 108 different protagonists whose powers must be combined to take down a power-fuelled, malevolent force simply named The One King.

The game contains heavy elements of politics, philosophy and corruption which are all incorporated into the storyline - the 'king' for instance seeks to conquer the dimensions and spread the indoctrination that everyone's fate is predetermined and can't be controlled or changed. Suikoden Tierkreis


The game received gleaming reception from the critics, achieving a staggering 8.8 score from IGN [1] and 76% on average according to the Metacritic rankings. [2] 


The game was selected out of the shortlist for the 'Best Original Score' in the 2009 Nintendo Power Awards, being picked by Nintendo Power.

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