The first level of Subcon

Subcon is the main setting of the game Super Mario Bros. 2. Subcon was once a peaceful place, until it was taken over by the tyrannical frog Wart. Wart captured and enslaved the Subcon fairies, the protectors of the realm and imprisoned them so that they would not interfere with his evil plans.

Inside their confinement, the Subcons sent a message to the hero of the near-by Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, to come and deliver them from the dictator. At first Mario thinks the message is just a dream, but the next day, while on a picnic with Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad he discovers a cave that leads him to the very world he saw in his dream.

Mario and his friends instantly set out to free the fairies. They battled their way through Wart's army, the 8 bits, and his generals: Mouser, Clawgrip, Fry Guy, and Tryclyde. In the end they faced the evil king himself, and was eventually able to defeat him and free the captive fairies. They then returned to the Mushroom Kingdom.

There is also a mirror version of Subcon called Subspace.

Interestingly, the end of the game shows Mario waking up, implying that the entire events of Super Mario Bros. 2 never actually happened. This would mean that Subcon actually does not exist. However, this is speculation.

Physical Features

Red plants stick up through-out all of Subcon, which, when pulled will give the puller an item (or occasionally, a Bob-omb). A lot of the region of Subcon is high in the sky, the "land" being clouds. Subcon also has a desert. The only castle is Wart's Castle, and no towns can be seen throughout the game. Subcon is manley inhabited by the "Fairy Folk" also called Subcon, However, in BS Super Mario USA, it was revield that two humans live in Subcon, the king of Subcon is human, and a reporer-like man (That look like Mario, But is taller, and has orange hair) lives in Subcon.

Super Smash Bros.

Main article: Kingdom II

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, there is a secret stage called Mushroom Kingdom II which is set in the world of Subcon. It features a platform in the middle next to a waterfall, and two other sections of land on the sides.


  • The name Subcon is probably short for "subconscious," since it apparently only existed in Mario's dream.
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