Style Savvy: Trendsetters (JP) (New Style Boutique in PAL regions and Girls Style: Paesyeon Lideo Seon-eon! in South Korea) is a fashion simulator game developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo and a sequel to the 2008 Nintendo DS game Style Savvy. The game received an updated release in Japan called Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode Yokubari Sengen! Tokimeki Up!


The game's city is accessed from an ever-expanding map, allowing players to access their apartment and store, purchase new clothes, accessories and furniture, change their hairstyle and makeup, participate in competitions and access various locales with the purpose of activating certain events between characters. One addition to this sequel is the introduction of various choices of men's fashion.

GracieGrace fashions in Style Savvy.

The game also makes use of the various 3DS features. An in-game screenshot function is supported, allowing players to take photos of a scene from the top screen at any time, saving the image as a 3D screenshot. These screenshots can then be saved to the SD card.

AR Photo Op is an additional mode which uses the "?" AR card packaged with the system to take augmented reality photographs using characters and props from the game. The Nintendo Network lets players connect to the Fashion Plaza, where anyone can create and access others' Web Shops.

A player's Web Shop allows them to customize a storefront and create three outfits to sell to others, making additional money in-game. StreetPass is utilized to exchange Stylist Cards, which has personalized information about your character and offers a link to the player's Web Shop. Using the Nintendo 3DS wireless local play, players can compete with up to three others in a Wireless Fashion Show which pits players against one another to create an outfit that best matches a particular theme or style.


  • Michaela (Evie in the PAL version) is the owner of Mira Luna, who hires the player and runs contests together with Avery.
  • Avery is an ex-model who gives the player advice.
  • MC Mode is an announcer who hosts fashion contests.
  • Emmylou is an ex-employee of Mira Luna who frequently shops there.
  • Harris is the owner of a local furniture shop.
  • Celeste is a hairstylist.
  • Ingrid is a makeup artist who works at her grandmother's old beautician near the player's boutique.

Names in Other Languages

Languages/Regions: Name: Meaning:
Europe / Austrailia Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique
Korea Paesyeon lideo seon-eon! (Girls Style 패션 리더 선언! ) Girls Style: Fashion Leader Declaration!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Promotion

In honor of Animal Crossing: New Leaf being released in Japan, Nintendo announced a special cross promotion for the two games. Available for free over SpotPass, is a new fashion line based on the works of Gracie from Animal Crossing. Alongside that, a T-shirt featuring K.K. Slider's face was made available over SpotPass.

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