Style Savvy: Styling Star (JP) (known in Europe as New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star) is the fourth entry in the Style Savvy series, releasing on the 3DS in 2017. It was an eshop-exclusive release in North America.


Gameplay consists of the player running a boutique for women and helping three ambitious girls, Rosie Mayfield, Yolanda Artemisia, and Alina Golding, follow their dreams of becoming pop stars.


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In Style Savvy: Styling Star, the player inherits a fashion boutique from her uncle, Tim. As the story progresses, the player will meet three main characters, Rosie Mayfield, Yolanda Artemisia, and Alina Golding, who all want to be pop stars. The player must create outfits for these three and make decisions about what style the songs they perform will be.

Rosie Mayfield is a girl from a rural area who came to the player's town because she wanted to become a pop star like her idol, Angelique Noir. When the player first encounters her, she bumps into the player. If the player asks if Rosie is okay, she will tell her motto: "You can't keep a good girl down!"