Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (abbreviated SBCG4AP) is an episodic series of point-and-click adventure games developed by Telltale Games based on the Homestar Runner web cartoon. It was initially released on WiiWare with 5 episodes, though a disc version of the game containing all five episodes was released in March of 2009.


The game is a point and click video game. The player can point using the Wii Remote and press the A button to direct Strong Bad in the desired location. Clicking on an object will cause Strong Bad to interact with it. Strong Bad can talk to NPC's by clicking on them, and the player can choose an emblem of varying designs that will reflect what Strong Bad says. For example, near the beginning of episode one Strong Bad will lose his Snake Boxer 5 gaming manual. While talking to Homestar Runner, one of the emblems will have a snake on it. By clicking that particular emblem Strong Bad will ask Homestar if he knows where his manual is.

A feature exclusive to the Wii version will allow the player to send pictures they've taken with the camera feature to friends you've registered.



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