Strike Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily. He was first seen in Mega Man 10 as one of the games Eight Robot Masters. Strike Man has the Air Man-type design, with no head and with his eyes on his torso, which resembles a baseball. One of his arms has a glove that lets him catch baseballs, while his other arm is a normal hand. His special weapon is the Rebound Striker.


Strike Man has two attacks. First, he throws a ball that bounces throughout the stage with his Rebound Striker. His second one is à la the Zig Zag Lava Bubble that was seen in Lemmy Koopa's and Wendy O. Koopa's battles in Super Mario World, where Strike Man becomes a ball and bounces throughout the arena. His weakness is the Triple Blade.

Other media


  • Strike Man was originally going to have a head in his design.
  • Strike Man is very similar to Bounce Man from Mega Man 11:
    • The way Strike Man's weapon can cause a critical hit on Sheep Man is an allusion to rubber being poor of a conductor of lightning, à la how the Bounce Ball can deal critical damage to Fuse Man.
    • His own vulnerability to the Triple Blade references the term "Three Strikes and You're Out", the penalty for missing three pitches for baseball. Sharp objects can also puncture bouncy balls, à la how Bounce Man takes critical damage from the Pile Driver.
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