Striaton City is a fictional city in the Pokémon series located in the Unova region and has appeared in the fifth generation games.

Places of interest

Trainers' School

Fennel and Amanita's house


On the west side of Striaton City, there is a garden. A hedge surrounded by water, with hedges are shaped as Pikachu and Pidove. In the center of the garden is a tall water fountain. In Black and White 2, tame Stunfisk appear in the garden at night.

Striaton Gym

The Striaton Gym is the offical gym of Striaton City. The gym leaders are Cress (water type leader), Chili (fire type leader) and Cilan (grass type leader). The Striaton City Gym is a Gym consisting of a puzzle by stepping on an element pad that defeats the element showcased on a curtain. For defeating one Gym Leader, Trainers receive the Trio Badge, TM83 (Work Up), and the ability to use Cut outside of battle.

Striaton Gym is the first gym that the player will visit in Pokemon Black and White. Uniquely, this Gym has three brothers for Gym Leaders, and the Gym Leader faced by the player is determined by the starter the player chooses. If the player chooses Snivy, the player will face Chili and his Pansear. If the player chooses Tepig, the player will face Cress and his Panpour. If the player chooses Oshawott, the player will face Cilan and his Pansage. The Gym is styled after a café; each of the Leaders serve as waiters.

Important residents

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