Stretchmo (Fullblox in PAL regions) is the 4th entry in the Pushmo series and is structured around a free-to-start model. The game can be purchased all at once at $9.99 or by level sets at different prices. This entry also has a new twist on puzzles that the pieces stretch instead of being pulled and moved.


The game starts when Mallo, Poppy, Papa Blox and Corin alongsides a group of children enters the Stretchmo Park, runned by robots. Each charachters has their own attraction to discover; with Mallo travelling the Playtime Plaza to rescue children. When each attraction is done, the character leaves in the evening; the next day, the Perilous Peak opens.


The main gameplay is similar to the previous entries. Players grab blocks from a side and pull or push the blocks of the structure to navigate to the top. This game has the restriction that while blocks can be pulled in any direction, they can only go 2 blocks deep unlike Crashmo and they cannot be moved. Blocks also have to be stretched uniformly on a side so if something is blocking a part, the block cannot be stretched. The rewind and rotating camera return from earlier entries. When starting the game, the player plays as Mallo to solve 7 tutorial stretchmos before entering the main hub with all the modes. As like Pushmo, the game has only one save file, although players can use the Save-Data backup in the console's options to start a new game without overwrite the old one (the attractions remains purchased).

The game is divided into 4 packs; Mallo's Playtime Plaza, Poppy's Sculpture Square, Corin's Fortress of Fun, and Papa Blox's NES Expo. In each one, the player plays as the respective character of the pack. Completing all four attractions unlocks the fifth one, The Perilous Peak.

Playtime Plaza

This one is the most iterative attraction, being mostly random puzzles that focus on the stretching aspect. It's more of the kind of puzzles the tutorial did and there are 100 puzzles. You play as Mallo in this one.

Sculpture Square

As Poppy, the player navigates big structures in the shape of real objects. There are 50 of these puzzles.

Fortress of Fun

As Corin, the player navigates action-packed Pushmo with enemies. There are 50 of these puzzles.

NES Expo

As Papa Blox, the player tries to conquer these tougher Pushmo in the shape of various characters from the NES era. There are 50 of these puzzles.

The Perilous Peak

After completing all 4 attractions, the player can tackle the toughest Pushmo in this game as Mallo.

Differences from other games

  • The game takes features from Pushmo World, such as the save icon and Studio's overlay, departing from the 3DS' first two games in the series.
  • The game is free-to-start and the only way to progress in the game is by microtransactions.
  • The Studio becomes available after purchasing at least one attraction.
  • The HUD on the title screen is totally different and touching it cannot pause the game.
  • The main control scheme ('Recommended' in the game's options) sets camera controls on L and R buttons, instead of rewinding and look the overall puzzle.
  • Mallo is not the only playable character.
  • Players can now decorate their own Stretchmo with stickers.
  • Robots now run the Park instead of Papa Blox.
  • The Help Center replace Papa Blox's original function.
  • The 'Start: Pause' icon is now on the upper screen.
  • Monsters are now present, if touched, the carachter starts near the Reset Switch and the rewind timer is cancelled, meaning that sometimes the player has to restart the puzzle all over again.
  • There are four Reset Switch and they are now red square-shaped switch, instead of the rainbow arrow-shaped one.
  • Buttons can now be used to navigate in the creation menu, with the button to accelerate explanations now set to Y.
  • Touch Screen buttons has now anlther texture woth a bigger shadow across the bottom, and their icon is bigger (except for the Back button).
  • When the stretchmos are all cleared in a 'world', its icon is now gold.
  • The Zoom-In option in the level-selection screen is now available from the start.
  • Players just need to create 10 puzzles to unlock a bigger scale, instead of clearing the first big puzzle in the game.
  • Stretchmo's overview in the Studio's selection and creation screens is now fully 3D instead of the map's overview.
  • Poppy has now more than only one dialogue, in contrast to Crashmo.
  • The "Press A to start" on the title screen is only available when the player starts a new game.
  • Players cannot replay the puzzle when cleared, the option has been replaced and now the players can use it to set their favourite stretchmo and share it by StreetPass.
  • Characters on the 'Friends' menu can now be changed quickly by L and R instead of leaving to choose another character.
  • Papa Blox hasn't his hammer anymore, with his back not hurting.
  • Commands explanations during tutorials are now fully described on the touch screen instead of a bubble box above the character.
  • Characters' icon is now in the dialogue box, indicating who's talking.
  • The dialogue box has a robotic shape.
  • The "Thank you for playing" is now a atwork instead of a simple message following the end's credits.


Overall, Stretchmo received positive reviews, with praise for its graphics, new features, and still-enjoyable gameplay, although some criticized the technical issues and lack of story variety.


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