Stretchmo (Fullblox in PAL regions) is the 4th entry in the Pushmo series and is structured around a free-to-start model. The game can be purchased all at once at $9.99 or by level sets at different prices. This entry also has a new twist on puzzles that the pieces stretch instead of being pulled and moved.



The main gameplay is similar to the previous entries. Players grab blocks from a side and pull or push the blocks of the structure to navigate to the top. This game has the restriction that while blocks can be pulled in any direction, they can only go 2 blocks deep unlike Crashmo and they cannot be moved. Blocks also have to be stretched uniformly on a side so if something is blocking a part, the block cannot be stretched. The rewind and rotating camera return from earlier entries. When starting the game, the player plays as Mallo to solve 7 tutorial Pushmo.

The game is divided into 4 packs; Mallo's Playtime Plaza, Poppy's Sculpture Square, Corin's Fortress of Fun, and Papa Blox's NES Expo. In each one, the player plays as the respective character of the pack. Completing all four attractions unlocks the fifth one, The Perilous Peak.

Playtime Plaza

This one is the most iterative attraction, being mostly random puzzles that focus on the stretching aspect. It's more of the kind of puzzles the tutorial did and there are 100 puzzles. You play as Mallo in this one.

Sculpture Square

As Poppy, the player navigates big structures in the shape of real objects. There are 50 of these puzzles.

Fortress of Fun

As Corin, the player navigates action-packed Pushmo with enemies. There are 50 of these puzzles.

NES Expo

As Papa Blox, the player tries to conquer these tougher Pushmo in the shape of various characters from the NES era. There are 50 of these puzzles.

The Perilous Peak m

After completing all 4 attractions, the player can tackle the toughest Pushmo in this game as Mallo.



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