StreetPass Exchange Booth is a feature added to the StreetPass Mii Plaza, in which the player can earn tickets from playing Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way, Monster Manor, Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z. However, tickets cannot be earned by playing Find Mii I, Find Mii II, or Puzzle Swap. A total of 22 tickets can be earned per game.

Earning Tickets

Tickets can be obtained in the games Mii Force, Flower Town, Monster Manor, Warrior's Way, Ultimate Angler, and Battleground Z.

Mii Force

No. Description
1 Beat the boss of 1-1.
2 Beat the boss of 1-2.
3 Beat the boss of 1-3.
4 Beat the boss of 2-1.
5 Beat the boss of 2-2.
6 Beat the boss of 2-3.
7 Beat the boss of 3-1.
8 Beat the boss of 3-2.
9 Beat the boss of 3-3.
10 Beat the boss of 4-1.
11 Beat the boss of 4-2.
12 Beat the boss of 4-3.
13 Beat the boss of 5-1.
14 Beat the boss of 5-2.
15 Destroy Robo-Bone's hands
16 Clear all missions with all pods intact.
17 Beat Arcade Mode
18 Defeat a total of 5,000 enemies.
19 Get 100 pods through missions intact.
20 Unlock all reputations.
21 Recover all lost treasures.
22 Hit every mission's target score.

Flower Town

No. Description
1 Enter tenth plant into journal.
2 Enter fifteenth plant into journal.
3 Enter thirtieth plant into journal.
4 Enter fortieth plant into journal.
5 Enter fiftieth plant into journal.
6 Enter sixtieth plant into journal.
7 Complete the job, "Crowning Achievement."
8 Complete the job, "Welcome Home."
9 Complete the job, "Happy Recovery."
10 Complete the job, "Cultivate a Cure."
11 Complete the job, "Salty Specimen."
12 Complete the job, "Sweet Success."
13 Complete the job, "Bushido Beauty.
14 Complete the job, "The Dude's Wish."
15 Buy a garden expansion.
16 Buy fourth garden expansion.
17 Buy seventh garden expansion.
18 Learn the basics of gardening.
19 Be asked to help out by taking jobs at Flower Power.
20 Welcome 500 guests.
21 Take a photo.
22 Plant a seed with someone of the opposite gender.

Warrior's Way

No. Description
1 Build your very own castle.
2 Hire 20 bands of mercenaries.
3 Take in 300 groups of soldiers.
4 Defeat an army larger than yours.
5 Peacefully greet other monarchs 100 times.
6 Defeat a monarch from afar.
7 Defeat 50 monarchs from afar.
8 Battle monarchs from afar 100 times.
9 Battle monarchs from afar 300 times.
10 Defeat 10 monarchs from afar in a row.
11 Defeat an army 1.5 times the size of yours.
12 Defeat an army 2 times the size of yours.
13 Assemble an army 10,000 strong.
14 Assemble an army 100,000 strong.
15 Assemble an army 1,000,000 strong.
16 Conquer a country.
17 Conquer 10 countries.
18 Fortify your castle.
19 Achieve a castle rank of 10.
20 Achieve a castle rank of 20.

Land your first critical strike.

22 Conquer the world twice.

Monster Manor

No. Description
1 Clear the first floor.
2 Clear the fifth floor.
3 Clear the fifteenth floor.
4 Clear the thirtieth floor.
5 Set a total of 100 pieces.
6 Completely fill a floor with pieces.
7 Open a total of 100 chests.
8 Defeat a total of 100 enemies.
9 Team up a total of 10 times.
10 Solve a total of 10 puzzle boxes.
11 Solve every puzzle box.
12 Collect all of the weapons.
13 Find a plaza ticket in a wooden chest.
14 Find a second plaza ticket in a wooden chest.
15 Find a plaza ticket in an iron chest.
16 Find a second plaza ticket in an iron chest.
17 Find a plaza ticket in a bronze chest.
18 Find a second plaza ticket in a bronze chest.
19 Find a plaza ticket in a silver chest.
20 Find a second plaza ticket in a silver chest.
21 Find a plaza ticket in a gold chest.
22 Find a second plaza ticket in a gold chest.

Ultimate Angler

No. Description
1 Clear an island.
2 Clear two islands.
3 Clear three islands.
4 Clear four islands.
5 Clear six islands.
6 Clear seven islands. 
7 Clear eight islands.
8 Clear all islands.
9 Land 10 catches.
10 Land 100 catches.
11 Land 300 catches.
12 Land 500 catches.
13 Land 10 species.
15 Land 40 species.
16 Land 80 species.
17 Land 120 species.
18 Land all species.
19 Land A+ catches for 10 species.
20 Buy another design.
21 Buy a seventh design.
22 View someone else's tank.

Battleground Z

No. Description
1 Find a weapon.
2 Find 10 different weapons.
3 Find all weapons.
4 Find ticket near the hospital.
5 Find ticket in the warehouse.
6 Find ticket on the highway.
7 Find ticket at the power plant.
8 Find ticket at the laboratory.
9 Defeat Star Quartersmack.
10 Defeat Belinda Munch.
11 Defeat Bubba and Cleetus Rotts.
12 Defeat Voltoad.
13 Defeat Super Psymad.
14 Defeat 500 zombies.
15 Defeat 1,000 zombies.
16 Defeat 3,000 zombies.
17 Earn 30 medals.
18 Earn 70 medals.
19 Meet 100 survivors.
20 Meet 200 survivors.
21 Meet 300 survivors.
22 Try every showdown.

New Costumes and Hats

There is a total of 99 new costumes and hats available via the exchange booth. Every day there are four new hats or costumes you can buy, costing one ticket each. You earn one for updating the StreetPass Plaza, four for buying the games, and an additional two from each game for completing certain tasks.

No. of Update Hat 1 Hat 2 Hat 3 Hat 4

Super Mushroom Hat

Exchange Booth Mushroom Hat

1UP Mushroom Hat Super Flower Hat Superstar Hat
2 Shizue Hat

Pumpkin Hat

Streetpass Exchange Booth Pumpkin

Christmas Hat Wedding Hat
3 Cowboy Hat Bone Hat Lion Hat Dinosaur Hat

Link Costume

Streetpass Link outfit.jpg

Princess Zelda Hat Sheik Hat

Chicken Hat

Streetpass Chicken Hat

5 Monkey Hat Moai Hat (Easter Isand Statue) Strawberry Hat Pineapple Hat
6 Donkey Kong Costume Diddy Kong Hat Barrel Hat Palm Tree Hat
7 Meta Knight Hat Captain Falcon Hat Ice Hockey Hat Armour Hat

Mario Costume

Mario hat.jpg

Red Shell Hat Luigi Costume Green Shell Hat
9 Nook Hat Elephant Hat Whale Hat Birds Nest Hat
10 Olimar Hat UFO Hat Rupee Hat Treasure Chest Hat
11 Goomba Hat Togezo Hat Lakitu Hat Cheep Cheep Hat
12 Ice Climber Hat Eggplant Hat Glove Hat Windmill Hat
13 Yoshi Costume Yoshi Egg Hat Apple Hat Peach's Castle Hat
14 Professor Hat Tomato Paste Hat Caffe Latte Hat Black Tea Hat
15 Demon Professor Hat Sushi Hat Geisha Hat Castle Hat
16 Falco Lombardi Hat Wolf O'Donnell Hat Steak Hat Baguette Hat
17 King Dedede Hat Waddle Dee Hat Yarn Kirby Hat Prince Fluff Hat
18 Mario Tanooki Costume Bowser Airship Hat Frog Hat Pyramind Hat
19 Pyramid Hat Curry Hat Fried Chicken Hat French Fries Hat
20 Fox Luigi Hat Flag Pole Hat POW Block Hat Wiggler Hat
21 Super Famicon Hat SNES Hat Nintendo 64 Hat Gamecube Hat
22 Game Boy Hat Virtual Boy Hat GB Advance Hat Nintendo DS Hat
23 Robot Hat Nintendo Disk System Hat - -
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