Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (JP) is a fighting game developed by Capcom and released first in the Arcades, later ported for many domestic hardware, among them the Game Boy Color by Crawfish Interactive. It is the first game in the Street Fighter Alpha trilogy, the sixth main game in the Street Fighter series released on a Nintendo system and the second in a handheld platform.

It's an 8-Bit rendition of a CPS-2 Arcade title, and by that reason there are many cuts and adaptations to actually accomodate in a weaker system; Although the port doesn't lack any significant features nor content, and is still very faithful to the original.

The game tells the story of Street Fighter characters in their youth, traveling the world and fighting each other, in order to achieve their personal goals (being defeat someone else, or simple to reach an opponent). Each fighter has their own motivations and ambitions. As all three Alpha games, it takes place after the original Street Fighter and before the Street Fighter II sub-series.

The plot of some of the events happened in this game were rewritten with the release of Street Fighter Alpha 2, which acts as a general game revision and a story retcon.

This game marks the debut of three new characters, returning ones of the first game in the series and the addition of Final Fight characters.



Character Select screen.

The cast of this game is reminiscent of early events in the Street Fighter timeline, with the characters in search of a certain opponent to achieve a objective (as in the subtitle, their 'Dreams'):

  • Ryu - from Japan
  • Chun-Li - from China
  • Charlie (called Nash in Japan) - from the United States
  • Ken - from the United States
  • Guy - from Japan
  • Birdie - faced in Italy
  • Sodom - from the United States
  • Adon - from Thailand
  • Rose - from Italy
  • Sagat - from Thailand

Additionally, there are three hidden characters which can be selected by using certain button commands; They're also opponents in special conditions for some fighters:

  • Akuma (called Gouki in Japan) - faced in China
  • Dan - faced in Thailand
  • M. Bison (called Vega in Japan) - faced in the United States



  • The Street Fighter Alpha trilogy is called Street Fighter ZERO (ストリートファイター ZERO) outside the west, but this game was the only actually named Street Fighter Alpha in a Japanese release;
  • Oddly enough, the sequel of this game was released three years prior for the Super Nintendo.
  • Even being a natural multiplayer game in its genre, this game cannot be playable by two players, even using the Link Cable.

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