Streetpass Premium is a shop item in StreetPass Mii Plaza that adds some new features to the existing game.

Streetpass Birthdays

Streetpass Birthdays is a feature where you collect birthdays from the people that you meet via Streetpass. You can earn plaza tickets by collecting these birthdays, and you can also get some by other means, (eg, collecting the same birthday as your own.)

VIP Room

The VIP Room is a area in which you can transfer Plaza guests to. Guests in the VIP Room will never be deleted from the plaza, unless you delete them yourself. Upon viewing a Guest, you can make them a VIP for this to take effect. Once a Guest is a VIP, they will get a gold border around their Mii picture, and a small VIP stripe. You can remove the VIP status from the guest by selecting Remove VIP Status.

The Mii also gets a VIP indicator on the bottom bar when you have your cursor on it.

(The VIP Room can only hold 100 Miis.)

The Queue

The queue allows you to hold 100 Miis in a queue so you can play with them when you wish. If you already have Miis to play with, any new Streetpass hits will be put into the queue.


Upon getting and installing Streetpass Premium, you get access to the Filter by pressing Y.

Using this, you can filter your Miis to only show certain ones under a condition.

  • The conditions are as following -
  • Everyone (Regular format)
  • Special Mii Characters
  • Colour
  • Gender
  • Preferred Pet
  • Hobby
  • Dream
  • Birthday
  • Streetpass Hits

Miscellaneous Features

The ability to change your Greeting.

A Premium Badge (A gold, shining crown on your Mii's torso. Cannot be removed unless you get rid of Premium.)

The ability to set certain music to play in the Plaza.

Music being played in the Music Player will continue playing even if the system is in sleep mode.

The ability to skip Conversations.

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