Story of Seasons (JP) is a simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a game in the Harvest Moon series.[1]



On its first week, it sold approximately 116922 copies in Japan, according to Famitsu. This is the highest first week sales of any Harvest Moon game. It scored a 32/40 from Famitsu as well. On Metacritic, Story of Seasons got "generally favorable" reviews and got a metascore of 76/100 based on 39 critic reviews.[2] On, this game receives an aggregate score (playscore) of 8.12 based on 30 critics and 4,300+ gamer ratings.[3]


  • This is the first entry in the Harvest Moon series not published by Natsume Inc. in the West. As such, the "Harvest Moon" name was unable to be used in the title of the game.[1]
  • The game includes crossovers from Nintendo franchises.


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