Storm Owl

Storm Owl.

Storm Owl is a Maverick designed to resemble an owl in Mega Man X Collection. He takes off the Repliforce ship.


Storm Owl will fly around the room at multiple times in the arena. Next, he'll fire feathers in the arena, making it tougher to fight, so it's best to shoot one. Owl will throw a cyclone in the arena that Mega Man X will have to avoid. Owl will also use homing cyclones in the arena to get X and it'll be difficult if X isn't careful. Owl will also try to grab X where he's standing, just like owls do in real life. Owl will also create a hurricane to make it difficult as the ground will rumble so X has to avoid it and he'll also freeze and defend himself with Desperation wind to make it into the shape of a cross. Owl will then repeat again.

There are two weapons that a character gains after the defeat. X will receive his Double Cyclone while Zero will receive Tenkuuha.


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  • Storm Owl is one of the only Mavericks designed to resemble birds of prey. The others are Storm Eagle (eagle) and Mach Jentra (hawk).

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