Stop & Go Station is the fourth level in the second world Monkey Mines and is also the ninth level in the game Donkey Kong Country. This level introduces Rockkrocs and is the only level to feature Rockkrocs and they also feature Klaptraps. This level is the first and only level in the game to have Stop & Go Barrels which if Donkey or Diddy jump to the barrel, it will turn red and freeze the Rockkrocs. When green, the Rockkrocs will get back up and attack the Kongs. The Stop sign also makes the lights turn red while the Go barrel makes them turn green. For a limited time, there will be a red light.

Collectibles and Secrets

Warp Barrel

  • Just as Donkey and Diddy enter the level, they must turn around and walk into the entrance of the level and they can find a Warp Barrel which takes them to the end of the level.
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