The Stony Flint Beetle is a member of the Flint Beetle Family that appears in Hey! Pikmin. Unlike other Beetles, the Stony Flint Beetle has a grey carapace and four huge legs.


The Stony Flint Beetle is usually seen in caves where it use its legs to push a huge chunk of rock. The Stony Flint Beetle cannot harm Captain Olimar or the Pikmin by itself but it can crush them against a wall or make them fall into a pit if they are on it's way. However, Olimar can use its Pikmin to push back the rock and force the Stony Flint Beetle to leave.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin Log

"Its carapace is as hard as steel. It often uses its strong hind legs to push rocks, though it's not clear why. Is it hoarding them for some purpose? Watching it reminds me that sometimes in life, it's as important to pull as it is to push. I wish I could put that in beetle terms for this guy."

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