A view from the inside.

Stone Tower Temple is the fourth dungeon area in the Nintendo 64 video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This is one of the more challenging of the dungeons seeing that you have to take advantage of all four of Link's forms, including the normal, Hylian form. The mid boss in the dungeon is the Garo Master, while the boss is Twinmold. Once you defeat the mid boss, you'll come in possession of the Light Arrows.

When you obtain the arrows, you'll be able to turn the whole dungeon upsidedown, which will pave the way for some interesting puzzles.

Later on in the dungeon you'll come across a few enemies including a Wizrobe and a Gomess, and if you defeat them, you'll obtain the boss key room, where you'll have to fight the mighty Twinmold snake like creature.

To access to it, Link must already have learned the Elegy of Emptiness,that he learns from King Igos Du Ikana, and leave statues in 3 of his forms (Zora, Hylian, and Goron, since Deku is too light for the Switches) and go up the tower.

Once he gets the Light Arrows, he must return to outside the tower and shoot a Light Arrow to the Emblem that will make the Temple flip upside down, to access the Boss' Chamber.

By the way, he will get the Giant's Mask,which will make the battle with Twinmold easier, though it will use Magic Power.

After defeating Twinmold, Link will get his remains, and free the Last of the Four Giants.

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