The Steward is the first boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is first encountered normally on the first floor of the Grand Lobby and is subsequently fought in the Garage in the Basement after Luigi frees Professor E. Gadd. Defeating the Steward rewards Luigi with the elevator buttons to the first and fifth floors and allows E. Gadd to set up his lab in the Garage.


The Steward is a tall, skinny blue ghost with a standard maroon-colored bellhop style uniform which includes a maroon bellhop hat and suit with blue shoulder pads as well as blue and gold striped ends on his sleeves.

When initially seen in the Grand Lobby, the Steward wears a mask and an oversized coat and sits at the reception desk. If spoken to, he will ask Luigi if he and his company are ready to check in. Obliging to the request prompts Hellen Gravely to lead the group to the fifth floor.

The Steward is encountered again in the Garage, trying to wheel a cart containing his mask and coat. When he spots Luigi, he becomes visibly shocked and pushes the cart away. He then begins picking up suitcases to throw at Luigi.

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