Steins;Gate Elite is a visual novel for the Nintendo Switch developed by Mages. and published by Spike Chunsoft. The game uses scenes from the anime along with newly animated bits for content not in the anime. The game also came with an 8-bit adventure game based on the events of the game.


The game is a visual novel so input by the player is not needed often. The main control the player has is with his cellphone. Regularly, Okabe's friends will text him. Depending on how he responds to them if at all, he can change the events of the story. Other texts are merely easter eggs that flesh out the world and the characters. Additionally, the cellphone controls the time microwave. The game is divided into chapters. After the main climax of the story, each chapter will contain a special ending for one of the side characters if the player doesn't correctly choose when to time travel. The true ending requires the player to correctly respond to certain character's texts.


The story is about a group of college students that discovers their modified microwave can change the past and the sweeping effects it can have on their lives.


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