Steel Diver: Sub Wars is a multiplayer submarine shooter that is free to start. The game has a serious feel to it with the player managing depth and speed with levers and a deliberate firing mechanism with restricted ammo.


Battle your friends* and the world in high-tension submarine combat! Command your submarine and crew either locally or over the internet** in four on four team battles. Unlock new submarines by increasing your online rank or by earning medals in offline single player missions. Hone your skills to perfect the art of warfare and rule the seas!

An ocean of challenges await the nautically gifted in single player skirmishes. Call in an air strike with Morse code or take on a massive fleet… all on your own! As you rise in rank and status, assemble your submarine’s crew strategically, as each shipmate carries unique strengths and weaknesses that will alter your gameplay style. Then, give your enemies something to remember you by with customizable patterns and colors for your ship. With a host of unlockable submarines, crew members, ship patterns, and single player missions, there’s a boatload to unlock and even more to master.[1]





Steel Diver: Sub Wars got "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 70/100 based on 12 critic reviews.[2]


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