Starlow is a non-player character that appeared in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, & Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. She has a Star Sprite-like appearance, & her main role is to assist Mario and Luigi on their journies. She is normally seen with long eyelashes, brown shoes, a star above her head, and a yellow circle as the main part.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

At the beginning of the game, Starlow enters the Conference Room in Princess Peach's Castle to discuss the Blorbs issue. Starlow states that she believes that a man in a gray cloak gave the Toads Blorb Mushrooms, causing them to become Blorbs. Later in the game, Starlow, along with Toadbert, Toadsworth, Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi get sucked inside of Bowser's body. Starlow has a very similar role to Stuffwell in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time where they both carry Mario and Luigi's items, and assist them on their adventure. Starlow can combine her powers with Peach to levitate people. Starlow also chats to Bowser and gives him information. Starlow lies that her name is Chippy to Bowser, not wanting Bowser to know that she is helping Mario and Luigi. Starlow can finally as well help Mario and Luigi dodge attacks that instantly faint them like Bowser's flaming breath attack at them and Mario and Luigi must grab onto Starlow's feet to avoid the attack.

Later at the end of the game, Bowser figures out that Chippy wasn't Starlow's real name and he then remembers that he inhaled everyone inside of his body.



Starlow normally talks to Bowser more than the Bros. She calls herself Chippy. Bowser thinks that Chippy is cleaning his insides, but it is really Mario and Luigi. She assists Bowser, telling him what to do. She also forces him to say "Please" occasionally. In the end, Bowser realizes it is actually Starlow, which gets him fumed up.


  • She is one of the first characters Bowser willingly listens to.
  • She often insults Luigi, as seen after they battled the overpowered Shroobs, saying his attack was to cry and annoy the enemy.
  • Starlow's name is a combination of Star and Yellow.
  • Starlow is the first ally to hold Mario and Luigi's items that isn't a suitcase.

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