Star Wars Pinball is a Star Wars-based video game, initially released in 2013 for the Wii U and 3DS consoles on the online eShop service. This game is dedicated to pinball with heavy themes of Star Wars incorporated into the design and advanced ball physics.

A fresh remake was produced for the Nintendo Switch system in 2019, with physical game card copies introduced as well; the new port offers extensive new content such as a story mode and 19 tables, a whopping increase from its predecessors' mere three. 


The game's premise is split into opposing light and dark sides; the player can choose to go with the Jedi, or team up with Sith. The game is based around a classic arcade game of pinball, where the player has to skilfully move a metallic ball around on the machine and hit a multitude of targets to gain points, using flippers and bumpers.

The original Wii U and 3DS versions of the game feature three boards to play from, all of which are heavily saturated with Star Wars themes and gimmicks; the first is based off Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the second inspired by The Clone Wars and the third featuring Boba Fett.

The gameplay is mission-based, with the player tasked with meeting set objectives on the pinball machine and also incorporating the storylines of the actual movies.

An example of a pinball stage.

Nintendo Switch features

The port to the Switch console arrived with more features, listed below: 4

  • 16 more pinball stage designs;
  • Galactic Struggle mode, a digital tug-of-war clash between light and dark teams;
  • Career Mode, which consists of a several but short, snappy missions as the player progresses through the 50 career ranks;
  • Retains the HD rumble support but also adds vertical play view;
  • Cantina Jukebox where the player can listen to Star Wars soundtrack.