Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is a shooter game for the Nintendo DS based on the famous Star Wars series. The player controls one of the members of the Elite Squadron and partake in battles across the Stars Wars timeline from the Clone Wars to the New Republic.


The main gameplay consists of a class-based top-down shooter where the player controls one member of the squad on a variety of Star Wars planets. The 4 classes consist of the Assault, Heavy, Engineer, and Spy. They each have different weapons and specialties that are used to overcome obstacles. The lower screen displays a radar with your active class. In boss battles, the gameplay shifts to a more 3D perspective locked-on to the boss.

There are 3 different styles for the vehicle segments. The most notable are the space battles where the player controls one of the Star Wars space ships and they have to take on certain objectives like defeat a certain number of enemies or take down weak points on enemy battleships. The gameplay in these sections are limited to a single 2D plane so the ships cannot fly up or down. The other vehicle segments are the turret segments and the speedbike segments. Both are on rails relatively though the turret segments are about destroying enough targets while in the speedbike segments, the player has to dodge obstacles and manage their boost meter on the lower screen.