Star Wars: The New Droid Army is an isometric action game for the Game Boy Advance. It stars Anakin Skywalker during the outbreak of the Clone Wars, investigating the rumors of a new factory for droids.


As Anakin Skywalker, the player navigates the game's levels in an isometric view to fight using his lightsaber and force powers. Anakin can deflect laser attacks with his lightsaber and with proper timing, can direct the bolt right back. He has access to five force powers, being push, pull, dash, fast recovery and invisibility. The only way to recover health and force power is to stand still or meditation to recover faster.


With the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Jedi Council receives a distress call from Tatooine and sends the Padawan, Anakin Skywalker to investigate. After getting assaulted by Womp rats and battle droids, he investigates the cause of the Womp rats instigation. He travels into the Womp rat caves and defeats the offending Anoobas before getting ambushed by the Bounty Hunter Aurra Sing. After heading to Jabba's Palace and fighting through the guards, he encounters Aurra Sing and gets captured by red cloaked Force wielder. He escapes Jabba's dungeons and escapes on a skiff. The Force wielder that captured Anakin confronts him but, gets defeated.

Anakin is called to Coruscant by his master. Galactic City is getting attacked by droids in its underlevels. Anakin heads to the Jedi Temple before getting attacked by a lightsaber wielding man. He works with a fellow padawan to clear out the underlevels of the droids. Anakin is then, told to head to CoCo Town to find him but, this was a trap to lure him away from the Jedi Temple. When he head back, he encounters Count Dooku who tells him of the plot to destroy the Jedi Archives.

The final arc of the game takes place on Metalorn where Anakin inflitrates a droid factory. Yoda tells him that Dooku is making a new droid army. He eventually encounters Wat Tambor that tries to kill him as he is setting the charges on the factory's reactors. He captures him and destroys the factory but, as they escape, Count Dooku attacks him. He taunts Anakin about his mother's death, trying him to switch sides but, Anakin defeats Dooku and returns to Coruscant to deliver a report on the events.


The game received a mixed reception, getting a 58.92% on GameRankings and a 60 on Metacritic.

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