Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is a video game for the Wii and Nintendo DS. It was released in September of 2010. It takes place between the third and fourth Star Wars films as a sequel to the 2008 game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It continues the saga with a clone of Starkiller who has memories of the original and works with Rebels. The Wii version was developed by Red Fly Studio and the DS version was developed by n-Space.



Darth Vader is still looking for an apprentice after the death of Galen Nion Marek aka Starkiller, passed by the rebel alliance he founded. The original Galen's body is cloned at the request of the Dark Lord of the Sith, and the protagonist of the game, according to the words of the latter, is one of a long series of crazy clones. Although one of these clones does not seem to have the standards of others and has a mind full of reminiscences of true Galen, remembering primarily that he had been betrayed by his master in the past twice, so Fener himself orders him to be killed. But unexpectedly, the rebel clone managed to escape from Kamino. Before he goes to Cato Neimodia in search of his old mentor, General Jedi Rahm Kota has been captured by the ruthless Baron Tarko, and has put him as a prize for those who will survive in the arena at Gorg his terrible creature. Starkiller after winning succeeds in releasing the Jedi, while the Baron is devoured by his own creature.

Returning aboard the Rogue Shadow, Kota doubts that Galen is a clone of the original, since, according to Kota, although it can clone the body, one can not clone even the spirit of a Jedi. He also does not know where the boyfriend or Juno Eclipse is, Kota will advise the young man to go alone in more remote galaxy systems, including the marsh of Dagobah where he will meet Yoda master. The reborn Jedi will step into the dark side cave where Juno's vision is in danger on board a rebel ship that is hurt and captured by the well-known Boba Fett hunter, hired personally by the evil Dart Fener himself to find his Apprentice and the rest of the rebels. After that Starkiller will return to the fleet of the Rebellion Alliance led by Kota himself and help them destroy the various imperial attacks, and then with the rebel fleet they will go to Kamino, cloner planet, from which he himself fled.


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