Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire is a Star Wars game that was released on the Nintendo 64 in 1996, and a year later on computers. The protagonist of the video game is a character named Dash Rendar. The game featured two ways to play - in vehicles or ships and running missions. To beat the game, the gamer will have to play both modes.


The first 3 missions take place during the Battle of Hoth, concurrent with The Empire Strikes Back film (Dash fights in the Battle, protects the Millennium Falcon ship while it makes it's escape from Echo Base, then Dash escapes the planet in his own ship). The rest of the game takes place after the film, when Han Solo is encased in carbonite. The following missions first pertain to tracking down Boba Fett who has taken the frozen Han Solo. in a earlier game made in 1994 Han solo is later released from the carbonite by Princess Leia in her Guard costume and Han Solo becomes a playable character. Then it shifts gears when it's discovered that Prince Xizor wants Luke Skywalker dead. So Dash sets out to help stop Xizor and keep Luke safe. At some point IG-88 is killed by Dash Rendar.


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