Star Soldier is a shoot 'em up game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the NES. The player pilots the starship "Caesar", travelling through space stations occupied by powerful supercomputers known as "Starbrains" who threaten the galactic empire. Star Soldier greatly resembles the earlier game Star Force.



A strange and evil presence is lurking in space. Crushing Everything in its path, destroying spaceships full of innocent people, the fearsome Starbrain is threatening the entire Galactic Empire. Starbrain, a giant computer programmed only for destruction, inhabits an enormous space station, guarded by enemy ships and robot creatures. To penetrate the station is a job for the most skillful and experienced Star Soldier: you! You'll be piloting Caesar, the fastest fighter ship in the Galactic Fleet, with an awesome arsenal of weapons at your fingertips. Only you can end the brutal Starbrain's spree of destruction, and restore peace to the galaxy!