The Star Road is a recurring place in the Mario. It first appeared in Super Mario World and later in Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars where people's wishes were sent and granted there. Once Exor destroyed it, Geno was sent there to fix it.

In Super Mario World Star Road is hub for various locations around Dinosaur Land. There are 5 star portals going to Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, and Valley of Bowser. A sixth hidden star portal leads to Special World. Between each portal is a level based high in the sky. Inside each is a Yoshi Egg of 3 different colors: Red, Yellow and Blue. The eggs hatch into baby Yoshis which Mario can pick up. The baby Baby Yoshis will eat anything that comes near them. Once they eat five objects they will grow to full size. Once a color is unlocked, it can randomly appear inside Yoshi eggs around the game. There are two exits to each level, the normal exit will not unlock any new path. The special exit requiring a key will unlock the next star portal and level. Once you access the Donut Plains star portal and reach Star World you can unlock the portal to Valley of Bowser and right to the front door of Bowser's Castle. Once you complete the Special World, all of Dinosaur Land will change color.


  • In an episode of the American television show Glee, one of the characters mentions that one of the appealing aspects of Super Mario Bros. 3 was the Star Road, even though the Star Road didn't exist until Super Mario World.

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