Star Fox Zero (スターフォックス ゼロ, Sutā Fokkusu Zero) is a game announced for the Wii U. It was released in 2016. This title marks the first new installment in the Star Fox series since the release of Star Fox: Command in 2006.


The game uses the GamePad’s motion control to aim the Arwing. You can also transform into the walker. The walker was originally in Star Fox 2. The Landmaster returns with a new flight form called the gravmaster. There is a new vehicle called the Gyrowing. There is a robot called Direct-i that can be dropped from the Gyrowing that can tether a rope around a limited area. The game is more open than other Star Fox games. There is a cockpit view for the gamepad in the game along with the outside view though the screens can be switched at will. There will be a co-op with one person flying and the other being a gunner. Alternate levels paths can be discovered under certain conditions and bosses have different methods to being defeated.


There are in total 20 levels with 70 medals across them. These are the levels confirmed so far:

  • Corneria - Enter Star Fox - The Star Fox Team has to defend Corneria City from Venomian forces. The Androsa is the stage's boss.
  • Sector α - Frenzied Firefight - The Star Fox Team has to defend Cornerian forces against the Venomian forces. The boss is a dreadnought who must be gutted in order to beat.
  • Area 3 - The Key to Victory - The Gigarilla has been kidnapped and he is being held in the colony. Team Star Fox must find the Gyrowing to restore his power, allowing him to beat the baddies.
  • Zoness - Covert Ops - Fox McCloud goes it alone with the Gyrowing. He and his new buddy Direct-i have to liberate a captured base.
  • Sector β - Reunited with a Friend - Fox and his old pal Bill Grey reunite and help defend Cornerian forces against the Venomian Army. The Granby and the Star Wolf Team are the stage's two bosses.
  • Titania - A Fox in the Desert - Peppy Hare is downed and has crash landed his ship in the Titanian Desert Plains. Fox McCloud drives his Landmaster through the desert to find him.
  • Sector γ - Copperhead Chaos - Several Copperhead Missiles have been launched from Fichina. They are headed to a teleporter. The team intercepts their path and tries to dismantle them.
  • Fichina - Frostbitten Fray - Down on the frozen planet Fichina, the Mother Strider has terrorized a base with her spidery minions. She is unaware, though, that the Star Fox Team is there, until they destroy every spider.
  • Fortuna - Dangerous Skies - Team Star Fox makes their way down to the jungle planet Fortuna, where the planet's king, the Monarch Dodora, waits for them.
  • Sector Ω - Blasting Thorugh - The team must blast through the sector at light-speed to reach Venom. Quite sadly, it escapes and they have to deal with the fifth Attack Carrier.
  • Corneria 2 - Hidden Plans - General Pepper reveals some secrets in his tower. The team heads back to Corneria to talk with him. The Gigarilla returns as the boss.
  • Venom - The Final Battle - Fox goes on his own to Venom, where Pepper tells him the secret. Fox then has to avenge his father and defeat the Venomians once and for all.
  • Aquarosa - Floating Target (Corneria)
  • Satellite Mission 1 - Sneak Attack (Zoness)
  • Satellite Mission 2 - Chaos at the Colony (Area 3)
  • Asteroid Field
  • Salvadora - Peppy's Fight
  • Wolfen - Meddlesome Mercs
  • Great Fox
  • Hunter - Lone Wolf


By tapping a Fox amiibo, you will unlock the SNES skins for the arwing for the level.

Tapping a Falco amiibo will unlock the Black Arwing, which is the glass cannon mode, taking 3 times the damage, but being able to charge faster and target 2 objects at the same time.


The confirmed plot so far is a retread of Star Fox 64 with new elements in Fox's relationships with Pepper, Andross, and his father.


A Star Fox series game was originally going to be created for the Wii. However, no ideas for such a game made it into development. Eventually Star Fox Zero was created based on the idea of the desired Star Fox game for the Wii.[1]

At the E3 2014 Press Conference, Shigeru Miyamoto was shown playing the title on the Wii U, confirming its existence as a Wii U title. It was officially unveiled during Nintendo's 2015 E3 press conference. Here, it was confirmed that PlatinumGames was to be co-developing the title.


The reception to the final title was overall mixed with a 71 on MetaCritic, a 70.50% on GameRankings, and a 7.5/10 on IGN. Critics cited unintuitive controls and relatively short campaign.

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