Star Fox Adventures is a game for the Nintendo GameCube. It was the final game that the developer Rare ever made for a Nintendo home console. It features Fox McCloud, as he, for the first time, goes on foot to save Dinosaur Planet.

It originated as a Nintendo 64 game known as Dinosaur Planet, featuring a fox protagonist very differently designed from Fox himself. Krystal was also planned to be a protagonist. The game is very different from its predecessors as it has very few traditional elements save for the characters and Arwing missions. Fox also discusses with Peppy why he can't use his blaster, resulting in his use of Krystal's staff.


Eight years after Andross' first defeat, Krystal investigates the destruction of her home planet, Cerinia, and the death of her parents. Receiving a distress call from Krazoa Palace, Krystal discovers that it was attacked by General Scales and the SharpClaw army. Krystal is persuaded by a wounded EarthWalker in the Palace to collect the Krazoa Spirits and return them to the palace, which would supposedly tilt the war in the dinosaurs' favour and stop Scales. After releasing the first one, however, a mysterious being sends Krystal into the spirit's path, trapping her in a floating crystal atop the palace until all the spirits can be returned.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the Lylat System, General Pepper contacts the Star Fox Team, asking them to investigate the invasion of the Dinosaur Planet. Since the team are desperate for money and maintenance, team leader Fox McCloud agrees to take a look, arriving unarmed at Pepper's request to avoid trouble with the locals. On the planet's surface, Fox obtains and wields the magic staff which Krystal lost earlier. Fox learns from the Queen of the EarthWalker Tribe that Scales stole four Spellstones from the planet's two Force Point Temples. Resolving to prevent the planet from breaking up further and restore it to its original unity, Fox traverses the planet and retrieves the stones to the temples, with the help of the Queen's son, Prince Tricky. As Fox retrieves the stones, he discovers that he must also retrieve the other five Krazoa Spirits to repair the planet and save Krystal. When Fox finds the last spirit, he discovers that it is guarded by Scales himself. However, just as Fox and Scales engage in combat, a mysterious voice orders Scales to surrender the spirit, to which he reluctantly agrees. Fox takes the spirit to the Krazoa Shrine and frees Krystal.

The spirits are forced into the head of a Krazoa statue, which reveals itself to be the revived Andross, the mastermind behind the spirit scheme, who flies off to resume his conquest of the Lylat System. When Falco Lombardi arrives in space, he helps Fox destroy Andross once again, restoring and repairing the Krazoa spirits to the planet. Afterwards, Falco rejoins the Star Fox team and Krystal is recruited into the team beginning a romance with her and Fox.


  • Krystal - a vixen who first set out to save Dinosaur Planet. She was the original protagonist of the game under its working title, Dinosaur Planet.
  • Fox McCloud - the main protagonist, who must save Dinosaur Planet and free Krystal.
  • Peppy Hare - displays the world map.
  • General Pepper - displays the current mission status.
  • Slippy Toad - displays hints throughout the game.
  • Tricky - a young prince triceratops who assists Fox. If played with enough, he will change color. Tricky is based on a boss from Diddy Kong Racing, another game by Rare.
  • Falco Lombardi - former member of the Star Fox team who left after Star Fox 64, but returns at the end of the game. Does not appear throughout the rest of the game.

Dinosaur tribes[]

  • Earthwalker Tribe - A friendly tribe. This tribe is where Tricky, the kid dino, comes from. They are one of two of the tribes that control Dinosaur Planet.
  • CloudRunner Tribe - A friendly tribe. They are one of the two ruling tribes that control Dinosaur Planet.
  • ThornTail Tribe - A peaceful tribe that helps Fox through the game. Fox also keeps his Arwing in their home.
  • Lightfoot Tribe - A reclusive tribe who keep to themselves. Their village is hidden away and can only be found by friends of the tribe. They shun Fox at first, but eventually becomes welcomed amongst them.
  • Hightop Tribe - Long-necked tribe that helps Fox in places such as Cape Claw and Dragon Rock. Little else is known of them.
  • SnowHorn Tribe - The SnowHorn tribe consists of mammoths. They help Fox later in the game.
  • RedEye Tribe - This species is the most fearsome of the beasts. Unlike the other tribes, this one consists of only T-rexes, that, once they spot Fox, they will charge at you. As their name suggests, they have red eyes. The king of the tribe is a huge dinosaur that Fox will have to defeat later on in the game. They were once safely under control by the EarthWalkers, but once General Scales took over, their defenses became too weak to control them.
  • SharpClaw Tribe - The main enemies of Fox in the game. Their leader, General Scales, took the spellstones from the planet in order to take it over. This resulted in the planet breaking apart. Fox will fight these throughout the game and even can disguise himself as one to fool them.


Krystal would carry over to Star Fox Assault as a partner of Fox. The fire ability of the staff would be used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, albeit without the staff. Dinosaur Planet would become a main planet of the Star Fox universe. It does appear in Star Fox Assault, but under the name Sauria.


Star Fox Adventures was originally going to be a Nintendo 64 title named "Dinosaur Planet", a game unrelated to the Star Fox series. The story included two foxes named Sabre and Krystal along with their sidekicks Tricky and Kyte. Shigeru Miyamoto, however, stated in an interview that the resemblances between Sabre and Fox was striking and suggested that the game become a Star Fox title instead. The original title was Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, but "Dinosaur Planet" was later removed. Sabre became Fox, Kyte was dropped, but Krystal and Tricky stayed to their original design.


Star Fox Adventures' gameplay is very unlike the other Star Fox video games. This game has you use a staff weapon; you can never use the blaster in the game. Some claim this game is more like a Legend of Zelda game than a Star Fox game. You use the Arwing to travel from one planet piece to another. There are many different types of puzzles to overcome in this game.


Despite the game's departure from the normal design, with the gameplay resembling that of the 3-D The Legend of Zelda titles, the game was still praised for its more detailed graphics and dynamic environments, among other things. While also receiving some criticism for the departure from the formula and the voice acting, the reviews were still generally favorable and it scored an 82 on Metacritic based on 39 critic reviews.

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