Star Fox 64 is the fifth of the promotional videotapes put out by Nintendo, sent out to Nintendo Power subscribers and also made available for rental at Blockbuster Video stores. As its title suggests, it was made to promote the soon-to-be-released Nintendo 64 game of the same name.

Eschewing from the "behind-the-scenes" approach of previous videos, this particular video is framed around a story in which a pair of thugs from Sega and Sony capture a Nintendo employee named Peter, and later his fellow employee, Bob. The two spies demand that Peter and Bob tell them all about Star Fox 64, getting them to talk after they initially refuse by torturing a Mario doll. The Rumble Pak is also spotlighted.

As with the previous video, this one ends with a montage of other Nintendo 64 games expected to be released in the near future. Games featured in this montage include:

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