Star Fox 64 (called Lylat Wars in PAL regions) is a video game for the Nintendo 64 that was released in 1997. It is noted as being the first video game that used the innovative Rumble Pak that is commonly used in today's video games. The game was renamed Lylat Wars in Europe, because the name "Star Vox" was already registered by a company called Mythicon. It is a reboot of the original Star Fox.

Star Fox was originally going to have a sequel on the SNES simply named Star Fox 2, which was finished but ultimately cancelled (though it is now officially available in the SNES Classic over 20 years after its planned release). Much of the leftovers was transferred over to Star Fox 64, although Star Fox Command better resembles the original.

Star Fox 64 was later remade for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011 titled Star Fox 64 3D.


The game's story is, essentially, a remake of Star Fox for the Super NES. General Pepper has sent James McCloud (Fox McCloud's father), Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar to Venom stop Andross, but when they arrive Pigma betrays them. Peppy escapes, but James is presumed dead. Years later, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad join Peppy to take down Andross.


The game has gameplay similar to the original video game Star Fox which was released on the SNES. While the Arwing stages make a triumphant return, there are also stages where you can ride in new vehicles such as a tank called the Landmaster and in a submarine called the Blue Marine though a majority of the stages require you to control an Arwing.

Many critics also praise the voice acting used both in and out of gameplay, where the characters gave you plenty of tidbits of information, as well as memorable (and sometimes annoying) quotes such as Peppy's often repeated "Do a barrel roll!" and "Try a somersault!" quotes. Other memorable quotes include General Pepper's "We need your help, Star Fox!", Peppy's "Careful, it's a trap!", Andrew Oikonny's "Uncle Andross!", and Falco's "Hey Einstien, I'm on your side!".


  • Stage 1: Enter Star Fox, Part 1 -- This stage takes place in Corneria City, on the planet Corneria. The gang has to stop the Venomian forces from destroying Corneria City. The boss is Granga.
  • Stage 2: Enter Star Fox, Part 2 -- This stage occurs in the Corneria Wildlands. Stop the Attack Carrier, who is the boss.
  • Stage 3: Into the Asteroid Field -- This stage takes place in the Lylat System's Asteroid Belt. The boss is the Meteo Crusher.
  • Stage A: Asteroid Warp Zone -- The first Warp Zone that can be encountered in Star Fox 64. Accessed if Fox McCloud flies his Arwing through the blue warp gates.
  • Stage 4: Fierce Melee -- Help the Cornerian forces hold back the Venomians in Sector Y. Boss: Three Shoguns
  • Stage 5: Reunion -- Bill Grey and his units are trying to defend the Katina base with all their might and may. Fox McCloud and his team swoop in to help out. Boss: Saucerer.
  • Stage 6: Enter Star Wolf -- Someone planted a bomb at the Fichinan base! Fox and his friends swoop in to take care of the problem, but their problems are only augmented when Wolf O'Donnell and his own wing arrive, becoming bosses!
  • Stage 7: Out of the Frying Pan... -- Something is brewing on the burning surface of the planet Solar. The team goes down to take care of the threat. Boss: Vulcain
  • Stage 8: Terror of the Deep -- Fox takes a submarine to explore the planet Aquas for signs of trouble. Boss: Bacoon
  • Stage 9: The Mystery of the space Base -- Fox and his friends head to Sector X to take a quick look through the Sector X Base that their old foe Andross is working on his secret weapon at, but something is on their trail... Boss: Spyborg
  • Stage B: The Search For Slippy -- If you wait too long to stop him, Slippery Toad will arrive to confront the Spyborg on her own. However, she loses the fight and the mechanical beast sends her falling to planet Titania quickly. Now Fox has to use the Landmaster to rescue his team's brainy one. Boss: A Goras
  • Stage C: X Warp Zone -- Fox can take the left at the split path, and there is Bill Grey himself! Help him open the warp gate to access this stage, which is reminiscent of Star Fox SNES's Sector X stage.
  • Stage 10: Invasion Aftermath -- Andross and his troops have polluted the planet Zoness! Fox and his friends fight the base that has been established there. Boss: Sarumarine
  • Stage 11: The Forever Train -- Fox and his friends try to derail the Forever Train on Macbeth. Boss: Mechbeth
  • Stage 12: The Ambush of The Great Fox -- Fox and his friends try to defend the Great Fox from enemy forces. Boss: Six Copperhead Missiles
  • Stage 13: The Last Hurrah -- Fox and his teammates attack the Bolse Defense Station, but Star Wolf is back to avenge their first loss! Boss: Star Wolf Team (second encounter)
  • Stage 14: Through The Middle -- Fox and his teammates continue their journey past the Bolse Station's remains and head through the Area 6 Defense Station to reach planet Venom. However, a spheroid space monster arrives to ruin the team's day at the behest of the defense zone's commander! Boss: The Gorgon
  • Stage 15: Battle With Andross -- Fox and his teammates have reached Venom's surface! Their goal: stop Andross! This stage has two bosses: the Golemech and a Robot Andross.
  • Stage 16: The Final Battle - Fox and his teammates have reached the mad emperor's palace, but Star Wolf shows up one more time to ruin the day! After defeating them, the team splits so Fox can get to the core of the planet and face Andross in his lair! This stage has two bosses: Star Wolf Team (final encounter with the Wolfen II), Andross


This game is the most popular title in the series, garnering critical acclaim, as it holds an 89.01% on GameRankings. Some fans, however, were particularly annoyed with some of the voice acting, particularly Slippy’s.


  • The frozen planet Fichina was mislabeled as Fortuna in Star Fox 64 due to a translation error.
  • This game has been subject to several memes, particularly "Do a barrel roll!", taken from Peppy's insisting of you doing so in the game.
  • This game also came in a large box due to the fact that it was packaged with the Rumble Pak.
  • Star Fox 64 was available on Club Nintendo for 250 coins (only for the Wii).
  • Much of the music was inspired by the Thunderbird TV show.[1]


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