Star Fox (also known as the Star Fox Team or Team Star Fox) is a group of mercenaries and the main characters in each game of the Star Fox series.

The original Star Fox

The team before the events of the backstory in Star Fox 64:

This was the team until Pigma Dengar betrayed James to follow the path of Andross (and Star Wolf).

The second Star Fox

The team in Star Fox and Star Fox 64:

Also, with Fox in charge, the Great Fox was created a as mothership to the Arwings.

The third Star Fox

The team at the time of Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault:

The fourth Star Fox

The team during Star Fox Command:

Peppy Hare is now retired and took the place of General Pepper of the Cornerian Army.

The future Star Fox team

The future team, years after the events of Star Fox Command:

This was the team as seen in one of the many endings in Command. A future sequel could reveal the true ending, thus leaving that ending and this team as nothing more than a possible outcome that didn't happen.

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