Prior to the release of Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube, Nintendo created a manga exclusive to Japan that explained what happened in between Adventures and Star Fox 64, which was released years earlier on the Nintendo 64. The manga was titled Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco and actually came with every copy of Star Fox Adventures. As the title implies, it explains how and why Falco Lombardi left Fox McCloud's team, and features a plethora of Star Fox characters new and old. One of the new characters, Colonel Shears, was the manga's antagonist. His goal in the manga is to attempt to resurrect Andross. Fox is clueless as to what Andross is doing, but Katt Monroe tells him, though he doesn't trust her. This causes them to get in a fight. Eventually, Fox learns the truth, and halts his plans.

In the end of the manga, we see Dinosaur Planet breaking apart. Fox McCloud and his team also see this, and they decide to help out. This event contradicts what actually happens in the game, in which General Pepper informs the team of the mishap, suggesting that the manga may not actually be canon.

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