The Star Allies Sparkler is a weapon that debuted in Kirby Star Allies. It is a star-shaped vehicle created when Kirby and his friends rocket off to save the universe from the corrupt Void Termina. After the monster morphed into his humanoid form, the Star Allies Sparkler entered its attack form. It is later destroyed by Void Termina's destruction as Kirby's team attempts to escape their opponent, leaving him unconscious for a bit until his friends arrive to tell their leader about Void Termina's death and the cosmos being saved.


The Star Allies Sparkler's main body is shaped like a star cut vertically in half, with the driver filling the gap. The vehicle's rear is decorated with brightly-colored objects that look like feathers, and the outmost corner of each star half is branded with a white, star-like insignia. If Kirby is the driver, he wears a pink, heart-shaped visor over his face, while the remaining friends sit on the star's trail.


The Star Allies Sparkler has the following moveset:

  • Sparkler Comet: The Star Allies Sparkler fires a small shot. This is activated with B.
  • Sparkler Starshot: The Star Allies Sparkler shoots a large projectile consisting of two intertwining stars that homes in on the target. Press and hold B to charge, then release to let loose.
  • Star Allies Laser: The Star Allies Sparkler shoots a giant laser that adjusts itself to follow the target. To activate this move, everyone must hold B, then release their charge at once.
  • Sparkler Turn: The Star Allies Sparkler spins, negating all attacks until it stops spinning. This can be used by either trigger.
  • Jump: The Star Allies Sparkler jumps. This can be used once more in the air. Press A to activate.
  • Rider Switch: The Star Allies Sparkler's current pilot moves to its tail, and the next one takes his/her place.


  • The Star Allies Sparkler moves similarly to the Star Fox franchise's Landmaster. The way it spins, however, is similar to the Barrel Roll of the Arwing, since it negates all damage.
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